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I draw stuff.
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    Kieran Thompson
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If you'd like to send in a question or suggestion you can do it anonymously at

Also I'm gonna try to stream some art tonight
And the chapter is done now!
The next update is next tuesday with some bonus stuff.
Hey we hit 1000 subs on Tapas, that's pretty neat.

I'm still looking for requests/suggestions for the interstitials. You can send them
in via
(you do not need a curiouscat account to send a question)

Also all of the tiefling adoptables are still available. You can find more info at or
If you cannot or will not use you can also email me at
and send payment via paypal. However if you want any NSFW options I cannot use
paypal for payment.

Okay this is the last proper page of the chapter. I’m going to go down to two pages a week starting next week. The new update days will be Tuesday and Thursday, or Wednesday and Friday depending on your time zone. Basically I’m dropping the Sunday/Monday update because my other webcomic updates on that day as well.
Some more small announcements:
My first batch of adoptables is finished and available at I hope to design more if they sell well.

Also I decided I am going to drop down to two updates a week starting when this chapter ends. There's likely to be another longer gap between now and when chapter 5 starts. If you'd like to suggest so0mething for the extras, like a sketch or a topic for me to talk about you can do that anonymously at

I finished a test batch of adoptables. I made a set of tiefling boys. Right now they're just up on patreon because I want to give patrons first dibs on them, but I'll post the commission listing publicly next week.
Some housekeeping stuff: I'm considering after this chapter ends dropping down to two pages a week, and maybe setting a Patreon goal for it going back up to three. I haven't been able to keep up as well as I'd like and although Patreon is a huge help to me it's not bringing in enough to cover my living expenses. The combination of the two is extremely stressful and makes working on art surprisingly more difficult. (My Patreon is located at if you are interested)

I've also been toying with the idea of selling adoptable character designs. Please let me know if you'd be interested in that sort of thing from me, and if possible what you'd expect in terms of the designs and price range.
As of right now I'm a little under halfway done penciling chapter 5, so there's likely to be a longer gap between chapters again.
This should hopefully be the last page that requires a content warning.

Also I'm probably going to be streaming tonight while I work on penciling chapter 5.
You can find my twitch channel at I'm planning to start around 6 pm EST
I've been livestreaming myself working on chapter 5 the past couple of days, and I'm probably going to keep doing it.

Mostly the time lately has been early afternoon but if you'd like to know exactly when I go live you can follow my twitch at and turn on notifications for it. I also generally announce when I'm streaming on twitter where I'm @kytri
Hey remember that content warning I mentioned at the start of the chapter? The next page (21) probably ought to have one for a character purposely getting another character drunk. Page 24 has some groping that is not graphic, but consentually dubious at best.
So I finished the script and now some rough panel layouts for chapter 5.
I'm probably going to try livestreaming more often while I'm working on the actual art (my twitch channel is at I haven't streamed this week because the layouts aren't interesting to look at and I don't have any commissions to work on.
I still have commission slots open
I finished the script for chapter 5. Patreon supporters at any amount can download it if they like. The post also contains a couple of designs for new named characters that will appear in chapter 5. If you're not supporting me on Patreon, please consider it. Patreon backers get new comics first and it will help me out a lot.

I've also emptied out my commissions queue. If you'd like me to draw you something you can contact me through  I'm willing to draw almost anything within reason.
I'm going to be livestreaming later tonight, probably around 8:30 EST
I think I'm finally feeling better. I ate an actual meal last night and wasn't in any pain after.
I'm trying to get back to regular work after being sick and the script for chapter 5 is about halfway written now. I still can't eat a lot of foods apparently. Don't get food poisoning y'all, it suuuucks.
Haha I'm still kinda sick. I was hoping to get back to livestreaming tonight but I'm gonna have to put it off for another time.
The comic is a year old now, or will be on the 25th.  If you like the comic and would like to help me to keep making it I do have a Patreon for this and my other work at I've been trying to hit this $350 a month goal for literally years at this point and recently a lot of people have left, so honestly I'm really discouraged right now.
Commissions are still open: