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I draw stuff.
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One thing I forgot to mention on tuesday is I had slightly more CuriousCat questions than I ended up needing. I answered the extra ones on CC

 If you'd like to send questions about the comic or just for me in general I'll answer any that come in while the comic is running over there.

Chapter 5 starts next week!
Chapter 5 is ready! It'll start next tuesday. But you can read it now if you're a patreon backer ( or you can buy it on

Also I finished my other webcomic, it's hosted at if you'd like to read it.
I'm so close to done with chapter 5. It'll go up on Patreon and hopefully in the next few days. I want to say this weekend but it might be monday or tuesday. I might go ahead and start the comic next tuesday if I get it done on time.

If you sent in a question on curiouscat that didn't make it into one of these extras I'll try to answer it over there.
I need to make a couple more of these but chapter 5 is almost done. I expect it to start on October 15 on and the week after here.

Also it’s the first of the month, and it’s a good time to back my Patreon ( if you’ve been considering it. If you like the comic and would like me to be able to keep making it patreon is the best way to do that.
Two kinda short ones this time, sorry about that.

I've finished flatting the characters in chapter 5 and am doing the backgrounds now. I'm hoping to finish it soon.
I'm almost done with the first coloring pass on chapter 5, where I go in and flat color all the characters. I'm probably going to livestream tonight while I do the last few pages and start on the backgrounds. My twitch channel is at, if you'd like to stop in. Also I haven't really been pushing it because I'm not some big time twitch stream guy but subscriptions there are half off until the end of September. Subbing to me will get you an emote that says "yikes" and also will give me a couple bucks which I will spend on coffee probably.
September 24th, 2019
@Ba-na-na-na: Maybe.
I did finish inking chapter 5 last night, and I've started on the first coloring pass. I typically do three, one to flat the characters, one to paint the backgrounds, and one to add the light/shadows and other effects. I'm very tired but I'm going to try to do it as quickly as I can.

Also I'd like to remind everyone about my patreon at 
If you'd like to help support me and the comic please consider backing the patreon. Unfortunately it's my only source of stable income at the moment. I have a teepublic store and do commissions but they don't bring in much and are extremely variable.

I understand that not everyone can do it, but if you can it really helps a lot. And word of mouth about the comic also helps a lot, so please mention the comic to others who might enjoy it or be willing to give it a signal boost.

Thanks so much!
I’m making decent progress on the inks for chapter 5. I’m not sure how long it will take but I promise I’m working as quickly as I can.
I've finished the pencils for chapter 5! There's still a lot more work to do but the pencils are the most time consuming part. If you support me on Patreon you can download a PDF of the comic in sketch form right now. (

I've also been livestreaming while I work a lot lately. If you're interested my twitch channel is I don't have a set stream schedule yet but if you follow the channel you can set up notifications for when I go live.
Hoo boy I thought I was over being sick but I'm getting worse again apparently.

My other webcomic is ending really soon. I've drawn the last page and I'm working on a little interactive epilogue thing that's probably going to take a while. I usually like to have two going at once but realistically I probably need to focus more on taking commissions so I can afford basic living expenses/save up for surgery so I don't die.
I haven't finished the pencils for chapter five yet but I've only got a few pages left.

Also I'm trying to do a push to get more commission work. I need to either take a lot more commission work or increase my Patreon ( income significantly to cover basic living costs. Plus I need to save up something like $8000-$10000 or maybe more for surgery.

If you'd like me to draw you something you can check my listings at and if you'd like to help you can share my recent social media posts on twitter and tumblr (I'm @kytri on both sites)

Just sharing the comic in general is also a huge help. Thanks!
I've been sick the past few days but I'm hoping to finish the pencils for chapter 5 this week. I'll be putting them up for patreon backers ( once they're done.
If you’d like to send in a question or suggestion you can do it anonymously at
If you'd like to send in a question or suggestion you can do it anonymously at

Also I'm gonna try to stream some art tonight
And the chapter is done now!
The next update is next tuesday with some bonus stuff.
Hey we hit 1000 subs on Tapas, that's pretty neat.

I'm still looking for requests/suggestions for the interstitials. You can send them
in via
(you do not need a curiouscat account to send a question)

Also all of the tiefling adoptables are still available. You can find more info at or
If you cannot or will not use you can also email me at
and send payment via paypal. However if you want any NSFW options I cannot use
paypal for payment.

Okay this is the last proper page of the chapter. I’m going to go down to two pages a week starting next week. The new update days will be Tuesday and Thursday, or Wednesday and Friday depending on your time zone. Basically I’m dropping the Sunday/Monday update because my other webcomic updates on that day as well.
Some more small announcements:
My first batch of adoptables is finished and available at I hope to design more if they sell well.

Also I decided I am going to drop down to two updates a week starting when this chapter ends. There's likely to be another longer gap between now and when chapter 5 starts. If you'd like to suggest so0mething for the extras, like a sketch or a topic for me to talk about you can do that anonymously at

I finished a test batch of adoptables. I made a set of tiefling boys. Right now they're just up on patreon because I want to give patrons first dibs on them, but I'll post the commission listing publicly next week.