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Pagan. opinions mine. Writes. Draws. Sings. Feminist. very left wing. transgender. she/her.
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The power of hair!
@EmilyAnnCoons: Still kinda feel like that should be something Alexis decides to do, not something to be outed by Julie. I hope it doesn't backfire...
Did she just deadname Alexis?
@guest: Hey guest, you do know internalised transphobia is a thing right?

We really don't know what Alexis thinks of sex at the moment, we have had some inklings but nothing concrete. We also don't know how she would refer to her own genitalia. Maybe you are ok with the word cock but she might not be. I know technically we are talking about a fictional character here but I know how I bad that word makes me feel about my current genitalia state (and I have used them to produce a child even).
Basically what I am saying is that it is transphobic to refer to another trans or NB persons (or really anyone's) genitalia in a way they have yet to consent to.
Aww. I will miss Alexis's story but if its becoming a chore to write its probably time to wrap it up. I would love to volunteer to take over but I have my own comic to work on and it very much feels like your story and Rens art is what really makes this what it is. I will definitely look forward to the new comic to.
Pants and a bra? if I was nudist around the house bra would be the first thing off.
Well, the light is blue, so that would make sense...
Looks kind of like she's coming from somewhere outside
Oooh! Getting hot!
For some reason, I thought you meant hair cut...
Water color ok?
Hiya is watercolor ok?
I just won't get time to do digital.
Hi thats me! (Also known as Anne Rowlands!)

You can also follow/contact me here:
Sure, I will try! But being such a slow drawer I probably will be done just as she gets back into it :P
Ok. I will think about it, if you still need art in a week or so I will get in touch.
@rensje: Always happy to help out. I tried last time but my art wasn't up to the mark then. It has improved, at least I think it has...