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I used to be called slasherchux8078, all the way back from 2011. Its been such a long time since I've done sprite comics on SJ. I do actual art now, but suddenly I've felt inspired to come back to the old scene. I will post my own art comics here as well so stay caught up!

Discord: Roboknight#9641
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So what if he's a cyborg...
This is my main character, the Roboknight! Of course such an odd name would be given to him after certain circumstances, but while I can't say what happened, he's a fighter that's for sure. His design came mostly from Megaman characters, so i gave him this appearance. His backstory mostly involved just some normal guy getting a spaceship to the face, and through alien technology he was rebuilt anew. That about sums it up, but his story will definitely come soon.