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I am a storyboard artist living in Paris, France. I make what some might call "comics" in my spare time.
@Negi: They're a bit too far from the kids for that as well !
@Negi: nuh-hu.
@Negi: yeah he went through so many shitty things and that one was kind of the last straw...
@Negi: In no way, ever, in my life, as long as I am sane of mind, I would want to get associated with any antisemitic personnality. But thank you for caring enough about my work to share this tip.
@Negi: Who you gonna call??? GHOSTBUSTEEERS ~~~

... Welp. I doubt she's gonna call the Ghosbusters. Wait and see !
@Negi: haha ! It absolutely is ^^
@Negi: time to start betting!
@Negi: this one can!
December 30th, 2018
@papierowybandyta: she's very cute indeed :3
November 16th, 2018
@Negi: All answers will come in due time... More or less.
September 10th, 2018
@Jackson Ziegler: Thanks! I hope you'll enjoy it :)