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El Adri 2004
I don't really know what i should say about me...
But i have to warn that english is not my first language so i could write some mistakes without knowing.
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To be continued
He's being followed so something will happen
This won't let Sierra sleep for a whole week.
This comic ends with style (●~●)
She will turn into another deadwood
I expected a dead body, but not from amaranth...
Bear shouldn't eat that fast
This comic will end with the end of this song ( 2000 years later).
Sad ;_;
That cat is a spy (I think).
Option 3 pls
They remind me of ghostbusters
Nope, too hard to understand
Fen, you're not allowed to die
I just want to think a way to heal him...
*The egg asks permision to take off*
-Permision accepted, the whole landing strip is yours.
*Takes off*.