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@GamerDude7: True, but they ARE opposing each other. Nevertheless, this is an argument of semantics.
@GamerDude7: I think Helmuth von Moltke has a say in this "No plan survives contact with the enemy."
@BTU: Really? I'd say Hopes and Dreams would be a better fit considering they are best of friends
@SoMeta: Maybe Kyurem reanimates him as a soul-less wight?
I can see the delivery guy going back to warehouse after his shift and telling his friends, "There is house with a weird guy in a mask who speaks in the third-person and a girl with a giant scar on her face, who I have a strange feeling is two people. Can I change routes with someone?"


I SEE EVER- aw, it's gone...
Nothing sucks quite like being 1 point over capacity...
Wow... a LOT of shit hit the fan at once... It'll take all weekend to clean it up.
@starelement: Yes it is, problem is that you have to use your three other moves at least once.

Thankfully Eeveenium-Z made it more useful due to it morphing into Extreme Evoboost
Lead your shots, White-Out! I taught you better than that!
Things just got a long easier for me, now...
@Shadow_Da_Hedgie: She only noticed the whole wash of blue that nobody else seemed to experience so I'm guessing as far as she knew, her brain merely did something weird.
I think I've got the spell figured out, and Angela is about to bust it wide open because she's the only one left who is even vaguely aware of something up.
Nothing quite like ripping a Band-Aid off...
Took me a few tries, but I stopped reading "flicker" as "fucker" with the font you're using...