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Click link view my Bio on Drunk Duck... I'm too lazy to do it again...
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Well, I'm already hooked *faved*
Pirate Parrots POUNCE!
September 24th, 2018
I had a lot of fun with Kid Icarus: Uprising
*sad airhorn*
So Tael is Dark Navi?

That makes SO MUCH sense! (it doesn't)
Kinda cool to see how your style has evolved over the years in one page.
Wow... A lot happened within a span of half of a year (or something?).
I’m not crying! You’re crying! I just stole your tears!
I can just see this happening in Po Town.

Guzma trying to be all intimidating on his chair surrounded by Bugnium Z and then *BRIIIIIIINNGG!*

"Hold on a sec... Not THIS kid again!? Sorry about this, but you are the LEAST pressing thing on my mind right now... WHAT, JOEY?!"
Yup, that's right, Luke, just rip the Band-Aid off!
Nothing to read into there!
I'm way into Dragon Quest Builders right now...
March 26th, 2018
Well, the masquerade is slowly falling apart...
"Hey this isn't a Mossy Rock! This is just a rock covered in moss!"
March 19th, 2018
Okay, we have a Bloodied Adrian, and humanized Lyla and Luke.

Who else is coming to this house party?

Jade? Doug?
Ah, so they do delivery service for the recovering Citrus Co. for the time being...?

Cool! Nothing nefarious going on!
Yes, we have those things you said that are TOTALLY in our possession...
I can just see the conversation have a more-than-awkward start.

"So, Mom, Dad... I have a soul of a demon from a clan that has mortal enemies, which can explain most, if not all, of the recent string of 'bear' attacks..."
Stay away from Dogsbody, then...
January 29th, 2018
Magnificent mind, among the highest kill counts (who knows how many the Ringiv collectively killed), great magical potential.

His only weakness was his hubris.