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Uh. I like making comics. And uh. Nobody is gonna read this are they—
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Something about the expressions in that last panel are really freaking great
He’s bamboozled us all

Jump on the hype train everyone.
This is my favorite nuzcomic of all time, and I’m glad to see it coming back, reboot or not. The hype train has left the station.
Yeah, that’s really heccin pretty. Late Happy New Years!(From a stranger who barely comments fhfhdhhfhdhd)
And it has started...
Hopefully this gets the point across that we're not following the main story here. You've all heard the BW story enough, I bet.
Honestly the most accurate depiction of Burgh I have ever seen. If he wasn’t my favorite gym leader before he is now.
Mmmm good look at all that Unova. I like me some Gen 5
Even though this comic isn’t finished yet, I sitll really wanna say thank you so much for making this comic, ahhhhhh. I read this along with playing Pokemon Black for the first time in years, following along with both stories, and it was an amazing experience! It really reawakened my love for the game and its characters and story—Thanks.
We don’t get enough Tina style hooman drawings—Theylookgreat
Woah, Gaius hoped for a Totodile? Maybe that’s why he wasn’t very pleased when he finally got a Totodile, only to find out he wasn’t very good at fighting?
That was the nicest Viridian Forest trip I have ever witnessed
Oh boy, Viridian Forest
Every Kanto Nuzlocke has a bad time here, so let’s just get our popcorn and enjoy the ride
That timing
I read the comic and listened to the song, and while the song was playing I was playing Pokémon Black(I’m sorta following along with the comic as I play the game). *I kid you not, as soon as I finished a battle, my Archen hit 37 and I was greeted with the evolution screen as the song ended.* Then I felt like crying for a bit.
Zager the Hedgehog has a nice ring to it
Zager is now my favorite
The suspense is well done, just thought I’d say that lol
I like the variety in this comic. It’s not spamming eeveelutions lol