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I love the out-of-place hotdog. XD
@Tatooine47: It's exactly what you think. XD
September 11th, 2018
He's too precious.
September 9th, 2018
@DarkLemon: It doesn't look like it has bad quality. I was able to read it all easily.
He's a lil muffin!!!
@Tommyfoxy93: Kim is a top. Go back to the first partial sex scene and you can see that Kim refused to bottom. Kylee had a problem with taking Kim's horse-cock up the ass.
Hope you can get things worked out. I really enjoy this comic.
I love how the map just appeared and then disappeared.
How are you?
@Guest: *shrugs*
I love that he just hops. XD
@Guest: In all of the other panels and in previous pages, Luca's tusk never went under his upper lip. :p
Only one question; what happened to Luca's tusk in that last panel?
*stares at second to last panel for a few seconds* ...I ship it.
@Kytri: Okay. It looks like 'Share' and 'Snare' at the same time so I was a little confused.
Does that say The Devil's Snare? Please tell me it does. I'll be happy geeking out over Harry Potter after my day.
@JamSage: If you see something you like, try it. We can give pointers. I've never taken art in my life, but my friends have and I know a lot about it because of them and my family. My mom and big bro also took art.
@littlepame: I literally heard those in my head when I saw them. And it sounded like I was at an actual party when I heard them in my head.