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Age: 19

Right Now I'm interested in: of 6/20/07

-Haven't been here in a while...yaoi totally took over, eh? (believe me, I'm not against's many pretty comics...I feel left behind. u_u)
-coming to terms with my art (meh, it won't be as detailed and realistic as I would like it, but it's my style and I've had it for 8 years so, meh.
-GOT A DS Lite! It is so awesome. (don't ask me how I got it. >_> )
-The Fountain! You have to love a song whose name is Death is the Road to Awe...that's awesome.

as of...3/14/06

o_o;; MTV did a report on yaoi? X_x;
Brownies! (TEE!)
Chicken salad! (delish!)
Devil May Cry 3 (*SW33T!*)
Nightmare of You (loff this band)

as of...the beginning

Loveless (*squee*)
The Picture of Dorian Gray (*woot*)
DDR Fanfiction (*yaay!*)
Sufjan Stevens (*gooo folk music!*)
Panic! At the Disco (*better than FOB*)
WHAT? Double update? Yeah, if you haven't seen at least, the trailer for the movie, The Fountain, this won't make much sense...once again, if you have trouble reading anything, tell me and I'll tell you what it says.

Character Sheet will be up probably tomorrow or Monday (I only draw when I'm bored at work and I'm probably going to be busy at work Sat and Sun because it's an arcade...yeah)
Alright, update!

Err, if you have any problems reading, just tell me and I can tell you what it says.

btw, the chick with the white hair is named Ariel Lodestone. That will help.
Hmm...because I'm lazy: THE DIALOG:

So let me get this straight.
-for every person that dies, a baby is born.
-for every dark night, there is a morning, and...
-for every life lost, one is gained?

Yep, that's about it.

So, for every little kid, there's a pervert?


For every scientist, there's a ghettotard, waiting to shoot up a bar?

For every ninja there is a pirate...



And things go down hill from there...END


This comic rocks....5 stars!!!!!
Afro-puffs! Haven't heard that in a while. ^___^
I still love how you drew those light...poles? Street lights? Yeah...those things.
Hellz yeah, it doesn't matter what medium your art is on as long as it gets out! Plus I love the notebook paper thing...drawing in math class rocks! Us artists get bored in math class quite easily...
About the first frame...
In the first frame, that's a can of coke and a bag of pop rocks...
Ahaha...spoon sabers...awesome.
Wow, I love this! It's awesome! Glad to know you're still here!