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Just an average Jolteon who happens to become a gamer. I play usually 3 or more games while broadcasting.
For any player who has Twitch please follow theepicblitz15.
I also love to read Pokémon comics...especially the ones that involve eevees and other eeveelutions.
I got this nickname (Blitz) because of my unique and quick combat gaming tactics.
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Really....glaceon I my favorite....including vaporeon
Me feels a bit sad now
@PKM-150 i know how ya feel dawg. Sometimes I got people who complain to me about their problems or arguments and that I’m the only one who can solve it and people who try to spam me with multiple texts or DMs saying I should do this or to hurry up. My advice: Restrict the comments just like what @Guest said for a while and see what happens. Anyways hope everything gets better for you...

Technically she was an atom close into finding out
No no no no nooooo Jolteon doesn’t say anything about friend zoning her
My fave is both Glaceon and Jolteon
@Guest well they are a cute couple