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Don't mind me, just your friendly neighborhood Pokemon nerd.
..And a young coder who wants to improve her art and story skills for the future, of course.

Please don't hesitate to critique my comic, either! I'm open for suggestions story-wise or art-wise to improve "The Power of Pouvoir". Just shoot me a PM or leave a comment!
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@Farout656: Ah, yes. The Holy Trinity.
So sorry for the wait guys, I've been pretty occupied for a while.
Ah, yes.
Let’s unleash a fire type against a fire type.
H-Hunger Games? Is that you?
@Thedoggoking: Yeah, this is a nuzlocke that I'm currently in the process of running through :3
<s>Not sure if I should make a Gotta Go Fast or I Am Speed joke</s>

I honestly kinda don't like how this page turned out. The script reads like it was written by a 12 year old imo >:C
Slow down there, buckaroo.
56 meters is massive asdfjkl;
<s>Lumin is best boi :)</s>
@Allieluigico: Thank you, I'm so glad that you think so!
Down goes the 12-year-old
tWo PaGeS iN oNe DaY? wHaT iS tHiS?
Thanks for the advice and the support, I'll keep both in mind. I figured I'd go for a more stylized kind of shading, so here we are.
Hey, everyone. Sorry for the.. weird update.
I think I'm going to see how black & white pages go. Coloring'll take way longer, so this way pages will come out a bit faster.
Wowie, congratulations!
It's a Christmas baby! :D
Dude the shading is fantastic.
<s>Y'know I could.. probably get these done a lot quicker if I ditched the color.</s>