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Don't mind me, just your friendly neighborhood Pokemon nerd.
..And a young coder who wants to improve her art and story skills for the future, of course.
Also totally down for dubbing comics.

Please don't hesitate to critique my comic, either! I'm open for suggestions story-wise or art-wise to improve "The Power of Pouvoir". Just shoot me a PM or leave a comment!

Likewise, if you wish to monetarily support me and my bud Pixel Brush, you can give a donation at this URL:
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I— I have nothing interesting to say here.
God, yes. The urge to start yet another of my 5000 projects is strong.
I'm so glad you're back~! Your art is really, really beautiful!
And thus marks the end of Chapter 3...
So as of now, there's not going to be a post on Friday. But since I did a QnA for Chapter 1 and totally forgot about it for Chapter 2, I was thinking it'd be awesome to revive it.
So this goes for any and all characters that have been in the story so far. You can PM me questions, or just comment them below if you're interested.
Shh man, you’ll break the space-time continuum talking like that smh.
@YolkenEgg: I'm sorry, I just had to tap into the fictional genre of my story. Things got too realistic.
September 9th, 2019
Well... At least it's dead.
<s>That thing there's an ancient device, kiddos.</s>
September 7th, 2019
Mood, honestly. Hope you get it fixed up >~<
September 6th, 2019
@HarmonyTRE: Just the QWERTY keyboard, as part of the second panel! The formatting just didn’t work out as I intended so it looks wonky.
<s>Flip-phone GBAs are probably my most creative creation yet.</s>
Heya! I hope you're doing okay~
September 4th, 2019
No no no, please I love this child I really don’t want him to be bit.
Oh dangit, it completely slipped my mind to post the page this morning! Sorry, guys!
@HarmonyTRE: Maaaaybe it's best if he doesn't know..
Whoa, this looks like a completely new style.
I say that he looks into her eyes, drags her to the wall trying to be buff, puts the gun to her head, stares into her eyes again, then tells her to scram and get out of here so everything thinks she's dead.
Sup guys, I'm in school now so I preset the next few pages. It's probably going to bug out but whatever.
Best of luck to everyone who's returned to the forbidden place :')