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Sorry if this page looks a bit . . . weird. This is the first time I've worked on my new computer and I haven't had time to get all my program settings right.
I did this entire page in two hours thanks to procrastination!
Horus don't be creepy
Good ol' mirror face.
It looks like Moira's farting in the last panel.
I lost three pets to completely coincidental deaths in the last two weeks 8D Aren't I a fortunate one.
This page took longer than it should have to draw, woopsiedoo
Malachi's a baby god, only a few thousand years old, so he definitely has no clue what the heck's going on.
Kei's teleportation is super cute.
Sorry for the late update, Memorial Day weekend threw me for a loop!
If you missed it, Sunfall is updating on Fridays/Thursday nights now, so go back a page!
Hullo, bros.
@AquaBat: Should hopefully be working now.
All right, I'm finally done with school, hopefully for good (ha). Which means updates are now twice a week again. See you Friday!
I've officially graduated and finished with school, hurray!
I always forget how to draw Lajos and his stupid poof hair.

I'm finishing with school this week! This means Sunfall returns to twice a week updates! At least until I find a job.
Dake is not impressed with the job title.
Dake's a lil fiend.
I'm gonna regret all the rainbow hair people in this chapter.