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There's going to be a big Patreon update this month, with a continuation of the scene from last chapter. So look forward to that!
Finally got all the old farts together in one room!
Whatever could they be plotting.
Hoo boy Xia grew into her daddy's nose.
What a way to end that chapter.
I'm back from Japan and eager to draw some comics! Have some grumpy old men talking politics.
I've returned from Japan! To celebrate have a comic page a whole day early!
Showing skin is considered tasteless and gaudy in Airda, and scarves are worn to hide the neck more for modesty than the cold. The king and queen wear sheer veils when in full regalia so that even their face skin is hard to see. It's just polite.

(Showing skin is actually encouraged in the military because it makes a rebellious appearance)
If all goes well, this post will go up sometime on the 27th while I'm knee deep in okonomiyaki. This fanart is by AbeilleFemelle! ( Horus does make a pretty good god.
@Someone: It's not a sequel, but it takes place in the same world and same time as my other comic, so people recognize some familiar faces.
This'll be the last comic page until the 10th of June, but there will still be art posted until then! I've got some nice fanart and art of my own to post <3 See you on the 10th! (Unless my plane crashes ahaha oh god I hate flying)
@M: Because Vincent's a drinker
@Monika: Tommy talked about how she died a couple chapters ago, when Dake and he were on their ice cream date :)

There is also a predecessor comic that Ambrosium is a remake of. Avoid reading it if you don't want spoilers!
Sad old man Hiddy
One week left to get fanart in! Got some super cute stuff, but I NEED MOAR
Lovely little bird folk~
@Hte: He's openly bi this time. He's had a lot of big changes from Paradox. Good ones, I hope!
Surprise, Horus is kind of a dick