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All right let's do this!
Well that's a shame.
Back to this room already, I see!
This comic might be censored but my Patreon sure isn't! You can find Tommy and Dake's little moment over yonder, as well as plenty of other SFW and NSFW comics and wallpapers!

Check it out!
Listen to yer dad, Nia.
Lajos ain't gonna tolerate anyone bullying his kid! That's his job.
Poor Cain. He's a sad boy.
@Lara: Lil bit of column A, lil bit of Column B.

Water's the "laid back" element, and he's a laid back dude!
I had to take a class on installation of watering systems. Never thought I'd have to draw a Rainbird.
@Marcia: Naw, she just got her mom's eyes and her dad's early greying.
And then everyone died, the end.
Oh no I cockblocked you all.
Oh no their pretty faces got a bit smooshed.
Well Nia tried.
Lajos being all sappy is too OOC for me.
Time for some sad dad sulking.
It's gods all the way down.
Oh jeez