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They've only shown up a couple times in the comic, but this is Leth and Leia, gods of salt and fresh water, respectively.
I've got me a job interview this week. Wish me luck.
Been awhile since these cousins were together.
He's gonna pee a lot later.
He's got a point, Malachi.
I enjoy Nazar.

We need ideas for Patreon! We'd like to draw pinup posters of your favorite characters, so please tell us who your favorite is!
This page brought to you by my stove suddenly catching on fire today. If you ever hear a loud pop, it might be the internal wiring of your stove dials exploding!
Let me know if any of you guys find broken images on the site. Thanks to photobucket (I didn't know I even used PB to host until now) aallll the hosted images on the site went down. I think I've replaced them all, but I might have missed one or two.
Slightly late page because drawing this brother is hard as hell.
Oh god the battle scene hasn't even begun yet and I'm already sick of drawing it.
It's 67 degrees right now. Who stole my summer?
Slightly delayed page because I rediscovered sims and spent 8 hours building a house today.
This is a foolish plan.
Sorry if anything on this page looks off, I'm drawing on a new computer and haven't gotten all my settings right yet.
Sorry if this page looks a bit . . . weird. This is the first time I've worked on my new computer and I haven't had time to get all my program settings right.
I did this entire page in two hours thanks to procrastination!
Horus don't be creepy
Good ol' mirror face.
It looks like Moira's farting in the last panel.
I lost three pets to completely coincidental deaths in the last two weeks 8D Aren't I a fortunate one.