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Age: Pre-pubescent man child
Hobbies: trolling discord, keeping up with his favorite webcomic makers, D&D with friends.
Occupation: Cheers people up because he gets sad when there is sad in the atmosphere.
Additional info: Really long voice range for some reason (told it was taken after father).
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    Why would I put my name here
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Nice to hear you’re doing well after what happened! Glad you’re back, I’d hate to lose one of the only creators I have worked up the nerve to follow.
Knowing current luck, at the end of that tunnel is a hole that leads straight into a cave. Granted, teleport will likely get them out anyway, but it’d be funny regardless.
@Blaze01: Well, that’s nice to know. Thanks.
I wonder if you can get him to confess by offering him food
Poor Cedar... but there is still an egg to take to it’s family. If finding a safe place is something that can help get that egg to its family, then so be it. I just hope those birbs make no reappearance...
I see what looks like paralysis, so I can only assume that Rowlet knows body slam or some similar move. Wonder what else may come in the future...
Use teleport, but with HOLIDAY FLAIR. Then you have how Santa gets around.
Merry Christmas!
And to all a good pear! (Wait I thought it was year) What no! (Shut up and say it right) Fine! And to all a good year! Happy? (Finally)
I can tell, but if all goes well this will be an important lesson.
I don’t think playing the hero against a swarm that big is going to get you anywhere, but okay.
At some point, Imma have to make a 5-star bot so even if I'm not there, I still think the comic is great. On the other hand, imagining what happens afterwards is hilarious.
If I'm gonna be the first to rate an SSEC comic for the average rating, may as well make it 5 stars, so that the eventual person who somehow hates this will think before they try to make it look bad. Simple -ology.
I think there's a dislike bot. I come in and it's already rated 1 star. Disgusting.
Congrats on getting to 300 pages! Rereading this comic 357 times or so has been so fun, I hope you keep up the great work you've been at!
Seeing that last panel means watching that stream of yours may have paid off, I'm gonna be catching every one I can now. Also, it's only fine to you if you can't see it...
Don do it Shane!
This can't be good. Shane's my favorite mon, so I'll be cheering for him, but I don't want this to happen!
Eyyy, we got a comic with Shane in it! Heh, poor Shane, though, can't do anything while he's forced to sit there and watch the Icedrop 'vees bully the others in Greenpaw. Not to mention Randy, who could have been hurt BAD. All in all, this is everything I hoped for, and happy belated birthday!
Imagine when the fight happens, they find out Damage Keeper's been removed, and they can't get hurt anyway lol.
Too bad I was able to finish the somewhat weekly re-read in two days. Love the comic, hate my reading speed sometimes. I should take some time to look further into the comic at some point.