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I like yaoi comics, but I'll read anything that really catches my eye. And, honestly, I can live without BL its just most female characters irk me. D: Like BUBBLY LITTLE GIRLS. Psh. Ew. -is a girl- x.x

I like writing, drawing, and music. o:

Roleplaying's up there, too.
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I think that's a girl. o^o Considering it's about a girl named Chris...
I wonder...
If he's going to give him his hug.
What skelleh sees:
It wanted a friend so it followed him and got hungry so it ate the lamp. XD

Totally doesn't make sense, but cute leaf-fur-llama-sheep is absolutely amazing.
All those bugs...
That's gonna be a lot of XP points. Atty better be nice to DT before he evolves and is big enough to kick his ass.

Charmeleon's not as cuddly as DT. ;~;
I've been rewatching the entire first season and caterpi is just so cute. DX And these ones are even cuter.
Cig is in his hand in the second panel, so it's save to assume its in his hand again in the second to last. It's there, it's just not in the frame. XD
haha, that almost looks like his name tattooed on his pelvis. XD

AND his hips are pierced? Hot.

Gosh, I hope that wasn't earlier in the comic and I just didn't notice.
I have a feeling that he's trying to say something nice.
Mars is the gray/white. :3
I'd take him
Obviously, but I agree with wolficka and the others but I feel that he doesn't 'love' her fully, but there's some sort of motive behind picking someone to try and woo.
poor owl
XDDD poor little bird.

Rollo and Wakanda must be pretty young, his ears are still bent a bit.
Resolutions. O:

Pretty, pretty cover. I love it.
I'm just really excited this is starting up again. o:

Is it going to be on SJ?
If you let Dragonthing faint and just leave him there I'm going to beat your non-existent ass. :C
He is so adorable and childishly naive around her. I really do hope that, for his sake, she loves him in the end. I feel like he deserves her for all her anger/hatred.
This reminds me of Persona.
It's old creepy Ash and we all know it.

KLAUS. What a bad boy. I love him bunches though so I guess its okay.

:C What a drama llama.
That looks like Captain's mug from Romantically Apocalyptic. o:

SIMON?! Were they boyfrieeeends? xD