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Minh Tuyet
umm...idk XD

ok i'm undecisive a lot :D LOL
I'm optimistic when it comes to music and books

ahh...i'm a high school student from CA, USA
and I'm a competitive athlete XD

oh..and at school some of my friends call me the "Undecisive Optimistic Spazz" X3

if you want to know more just PM me, k :3
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You just gotta luv the way he stands up for himself XD i hate those kinds of dudes who can't handle gayness >:P
oh no, is Aelhiel gonna faint or get hurt first?!
lol for some reason I kinda think Tyler likes Kay XD ..or at finds her to be amusing so he messes with her a lot
wow im hating my computer right now >3< but im trying to get back on track
OMG! u made me cry TT^TT I JUST LOVE YOUR STORY!! but so sad :(
p.s. love the music too :D
is that a bit mark on clover's back in the last panel D8
O.O O.o o.O O.e .... X.x
lol the evil kitty claw one XD
thank you :'D but i wish i had a scanner D: it'd look way better, comp. drawings hard DX
LMAO too >>;
wow idk the guy from 1 vs 100 was someone from full house O.o; weird....

ok i'll try working on it XD;
guess who's the hyper girl
Bob who? o well XD;
i LOVE that first line "Maxy?" X3 <3
I wanna make a fanfic idk of what tho -.-; hmm..b-day? Valentines? both? X/
Whoa... O.o
well then HAPPY BIRTHDAY! <3 XD
yea XD thanks i had a lot of fun drawing them, i had the whole page finished in a short time but i got too lazy to draw the final piece "David" XD; lol
*Read Right to Left*
lol i <3 the zombie XD
I got rid of the anouncement pg. and moved the character pros. to "The Pplz" section. i'll be posting another pro. tomorrow along with an update XD
wow..I've only been to one once O.o; but it was a school Ny/DC trip. (Arlington cemetery) I'm NEVER EVER going there again!

X.x <-what happens to ppl
lol you know we love him that way ^.~

200 YEARS!?! DAMN!!! D8