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I’m super into making comics with a lot of heart but also action and cartoony awesomeness, not to mention a lot of drama. Sci-fi, superhero, action, inspirational, are my general blend of genres. I aim to inspire, touch, and entertain people, hopefully keeping my stories feeling as “real” as they can. WARNING: I experiment with my art style a lot.
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    Sharon Rose Kadach
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I gotta go make supper so Imma keep this brief—tried to keep this page a teeny bit more simple to avoid overworking myself what with everything else I gotta do today—things are starting to get a little more Christmasy.

Maybe if Kat actually payed attention to what Kairo is telling her, she’d do a little better. Keep in mind she has no training till now.
I hope plan B isn’t just throwing a punch, Kat…Kai was very prepared for this, eh?

I made a lot of mistakes on this page that I noticed after I was pretty far into the drawing process, so redrawing certain things ate up lots of time. That’s one downside to learning to draw faster, I guess you also need to learn to have a real sharp eye, or to use more references. Mebbe using the last page as a ref every time might help. Speaking of refs, I got one model sheet done, I hope to make a couple more! It’s been real helpful so far, I stick it above my desk.
I’m sorry, but this week there won’t be a new page due to time being eaten up by a birthday illustration and with me having to work through the weekend. I’ll be back next week though!

This picture I drew awhile ago but didn’t post here. (I’m hoping to do one of these with Kairo and Bluemist too)!The small blue dragon is meant to represent her personality and aesthetic. While Kat is pretty emotional, she also has a contagious, calm spirit about her that particularly shines in a crisis, so the blue colour seemed appropriate. And the dragon is not too intimidating or aggressive, but still very strong and powerful. Any feedback on my art, (whether this ilustration or my art in general) would be appreciated, even if you think I could improve. Now that I look at this again I can see that her blade looks like it needs to be sharpened. I could improve there. Anyways, I love you guys, and I’ll see you next week!
Kat’s about to learn how susceptible she is to the Dunning Krüger Effect. (I probably spelled that wrong). When a person knows very little about something, they tend to be more confident in their ability to do it, because they just don’t know how much there is to learn.

REALITY: I’mma hit that girl hard.
So, since I did a B/W ink page last year, (and since I haven’t drawn anything for Inktober) I thought another special page was in order. I took inspiration from a Yotsuba volume that was lying around my room.

I wonder what the heck Yoshi was doing when Evan attacked Kairo yesterday? Mebbe she was in the bathroom...or maybe she didn’t do anything because she doesn’t like Kairo and wanted to see him get whupped XD.
Kairo’s a little unsure of himself here. As much as he’d prefer this over the field, at least that was something he was very experienced in. He’s probably helped train recruits before, but not these kind.
Ahhhh, it’s mirage! It sucked that she wasn’t in the second movie.

Really good lighting and shading here!
Kat: Lemme strike a pose here:


I don’t think he’s “checking her out”, and I definitely wasn’t trying to objectify Kat here. Believe it or not I’m actually foreshadowing. But I mean, it is weird that someone who’s always hiding at home would be so athletic-looking, unless they’re fitness junkies.
So my iPad finally got the new software update along with all the cooler emojis and customizable ones. And this of course was destined to happen. 😂

(I of course couldn’t make Evan’s eyes completely blue, but I did my best).
Sorry for complaining XD
cArS aRe EaSy To DrAw

SAID NO ONE EVER ughhhhh I hate drawing cars, and this was only just a few! I’m also not the best at buildings right now. I honestly just prefer drawing characters, but hey, this is probably good for me to practice and learn to be less lazy with the setting.

So yes, we’re still in this training room, I’m sorry!! After this scene with Kat and Kai working some...stuff out, we’ll get to a different setting and get to meet a completely different character.
Bam! Simple cover powersssss, yeahhhh. Lots of symbolism on this cover. In this game I used to play called “War” (I think) each player puts down a card. The player who put down the card that is worth more, gets to keep both of them...”gulp.”

The first page of chapter 3 should come on the usual Sunday.
So I have some sad news :( not too long after I uploaded last week’s page, my Grandfather passed away suddenly. I had been helping care for him a few times a week, so I’m glad I got to spend all that time with him at least. So now both grandparents on my mother’s side have moved to heaven, and my dad’s father isn’t doing so well lately, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he joined them all soon. It’s sad, but hey, I bet they’re all having the most epic of parties up there, so happy to see each other again 🥰

Anyways, so we’ve (finally) reached the end of this chapter!! I’ll try to put out a cover and a page next week, chapter three is where basically all the really important stuff happens—it’s also the last chapter of this episode, (or I should say “book”) and then there will be an epilogue.
Is Evan mad? We’d better make sure that we never make Evan mad, or scare him in any way...

This page was a lot more work than I expected for a page with mostly just faces on it. And can we get Evan some help, like, geez! Oh wait, I’m in charge of that, aren’t I? > :-p

Last page of chapter 2 next week hopefully! Here’s a link to S&B’s official Facebook btw, it’s been around for about as long as this comic has been online, I just never thought to link it here, honestly :3
It’s okay, life happens <3

I doubt he woulda said that one word if this scene was in the movie XD
Boo-yah! I was able to stop by the anime convention in town today and finish my page! It was my city’s first ever anime convention. I got to give some other webcomic-y people some flyers for S&B, and I even got someone to do a little doodle of Kat as a sticker for me among other things, heh! (I bought more stuff than I expected but oh well ;)

Easily triggered is almost an understatement...
I’m kinda proud of this one. For some reason I love drawing Kat in Chinese garb even though she’s of Japanese heritage (half). I’ll hafta draw her in a more Japanese style outfit sometime, but nobody said she can’t embrace different cultures as well! I should really work out an episode where we get to see this version of her— at least a cameo...
also I drew a bonus strip thing which is part Kung-Fu Panda ripoff and partially a nod to what Kairo and Kat’s student/mentor relationship is going to be like after a little bit.
Even though Evan isn’t berserk at the moment, I don’t think he’s exactly thinking straight—he’s really discombobulated. that word. None of the characters are exactly sure what’s just taken place here.

Sibling friendships for liiiiiife XD
Hey, thank you, that’s so cool!

Thanks so much for reading!