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I love animation, stories, comics, and my buddy Jesus. My favourite stories are full of crazy, sci-fi superhero things, as well as emotional depth.
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    Sharon Rose Kadach
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This is a Fanart done by Argylefox! So cuuute! I’m linking their comic “The Under” here:
Here's another by the same artist as shown previously. (Kat's wearing fencing gear).
This is a rare one of Evan drawn by my bestie Ehneli! Check her out on Tumblr!
This classic was drawn by my big sister Bex!
This way-rad commission was done by SG Karuta! The author of Starlight which can be read on Webtoons. Here;s a link to his deviantart!
This is a lovely, serene fanart by Dr Destruction! They have a webcomic called Cats, Dogs, Boys, and Other Pets. Here's a link to their Deviantart
READER: This conversation is getting kinda long...
AUTHOR: After the next page I swear it’s done!
READER: I’ll hold you to that.
AUTHOR: “Gulp!”
November 6th, 2018
@Yenzala: Yeah okay no worries I make mistakes all the time lol
November 6th, 2018
It’s a little hard for me to follow but maybe I’m just tired—is heinterrogating people that we can’t see and then slaughtering them?
I was just barely able to upload this in time, but our destination has wifi and kind people! You’re probably wondering what’s wrong with Kat’s leg...I’ll tell you in a bit here
I’m glad someone does
Wow cool!
Yuck that is so sad
This looks like an abusive relationship waiting to happen
Just goes to show that helping others all the time isn’t always a good thing if you’re neglecting your family.
Hmm...Imwonder if they’ll be a “thing”
My dad says if the government spent the amount of money that they do on war and the environment on helping poor countries, there would be no poverty
Wow do cults like that even exist?!
I finished this shortly after I got the news that my Oma died. I’d appreciate prayers for my family; for my Opa in particular.
I didn’t make up any story for the girl shown in the case file, but I can’t help but wonder who she was