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I love animation, stories, comics, and weaving the truth into my stories in a fun, beautiful way. My favourite stories are full of crazy, sci-fi superhero things, as well as emotional depth.
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    Sharon Rose Kadach
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Ahhh, nice to be back to the hard brushes!

Kairo doesn’t know how “mutant culture” works, and considering that these days you can get in trouble for calling an African a “black person,” he thinks he’s screwed up here.

We’ll explain their powers and maybe get to the demonstration next page!
So... I tried something different to see if it would look better...but it took long—and I would probably need a lot more practice to actually pull it off properly. I think I’ll just go back to what I was doing before, unless I get a whole bunch of comments saying “no it’s better like this!” I guess sometimes it’s good to try things even if they don’t always work out.

As soon as someone mentions Kat’s prosthetic she’s scared that they’ll treat her like an invalid or something. But her current prosthetic is very advanced.
Sorry this took so darn long—I was going through a little emotional trauma myself, heh. It’s kind of embarrassing when you think you’re way more mature than all your characters and then find yourself acting like them sometimes. ‘Guess ya just move forward anyways, amirite?

Yoshiko Tomada. Second in command. Chief makes the big decisions while Yoshi makes sure things get done. She can be a real pain.
So…what the heck is he thinking?! Well…he isn’t. I’ll explain more about this little gimmick of his soon.

Also I’m excited for the Sonic movie, I feel like I waited an eternity for that trailer to drop—-I’ve been following the news on it for a few years now. It may not be phenomenal, but at least we finally got SOMETHING!
So idk how realistic any of these wounds look, I wasn’t gonna go and google what this kind of violence looks like. I probably wouldn’t be able to stomach it.

So now we get another glimpse into Evan’s life before he came to live with his cousin and uncle. The poor guy has been through a lot of horrors...
This may be a big overreaction but I just wanna give a heads up to any kids or sensitive viewers out there just in case. I’m pretty sensitive myself.
Gawking for four panels straight is one of Kat’s many talents. Sorry that this page is a little vague, we’ll find out who just walked in soon, and we’ll get an idea of why Evan’s so freaked next page.

Since this is a new room I’m free to play with new colours once again, going for a double-equal-opposite on the colour wheel scheme, trying to use more of the weaker colours and less of the stronger ones. Maybe I forgot to focus on which colours are in the background and which are in the foreground though...yeeesh I’ll learn one day. My little brother suddenly seems to have more of a desire to learn and is almost enthusiastically joining me in my endeavour to study colour theory. He makes me so proud, the little rascal. <3
It’s funny that I took a little break before Easter instead of after. HAPPY EASTER EVERYBODY!

Hopefully my colours will be less random and more consistent as I continue to learn, but I also don’t want my palette to be too limited. That would be sad and boring.

It was great to finally give you a better look at Drew here, I didn’t even know he was this attractive until now, haha.
April 16th, 2019
Sorry about all the colour shifts, I’m trying to “master” colour theory and I was focusing on colours that are equally opposite each other on the wheel.

I think I’m gonna take this week off, to work on some portfolio projects, but don’t worry! I can never stay away from this for very long.
This page was implied than I thought!

Who is the man in the flashback?


Sorry, I can’t say much.
Ugh, this page seemed to take forever. This is a lot for wasn’t even that long ago that he lost his mother and was suddenly a member of his uncle’s family, and now he’s gotta train with people he’s never met. And yes he’s somewhat self-conscious about his eyes.

Kairo is still working on purging the word “yellow” from his brain.
What have I done.

Sorry this isn’t that funny, I had to write it on short notice.
I tried to make the colour scheme even more warm after reading a Webtoon that used so many different shades of red...idk if it makes much of a difference but I always gotta experiment.

Her hand is tingling because of the electricity she generates constantly. Kairo is just a little awkward here, understandably. And also if you read the texts Kairo hasn’t replied to his sister in a month, ouch.
Ouchie this looks like it’s not gonna end well
This page was super fun, I love making the lighting all warm and inviting! I kinda wish the window didn’t obscure the cityscape AND the car I drew, but oh well. Kairo meets them next page.
I should’ve at least made the characters in the bottom panel bigger if I wasn’t gonna draw a background...but I guess I’ll keep that in mind next time.

I’m so excited to draw the next page, the kids will be back! Kairo’s little intro is done, baby!
Chief’s greatest strength is not communication, especially when it comes to giving people a heads up. But he’s a nice guy otherwise.
It’s about time we got to the part which the basic plot of my comic is based on. Geez
Lovin’ the family dynamic here
Ohmigosh, what a great idea for a story!! Looks like it’s gonna be a heartbreaker though...