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I’m super into making comics with a lot of heart but also action and cartoony awesomeness, not to mention a lot of drama. Sci-fi, superhero, action, inspirational, are my general blend of genres. I aim to inspire, touch, and entertain people, hopefully keeping my stories feeling as “real” as they can. WARNING: I experiment with my art style a lot.
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    Sharon Rose Kadach
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Is Evan mad? We’d better make sure that we never make Evan mad, or scare him in any way...

This page was a lot more work than I expected for a page with mostly just faces on it. And can we get Evan some help, like, geez! Oh wait, I’m in charge of that, aren’t I? > :-p

Last page of chapter 2 next week hopefully! Here’s a link to S&B’s official Facebook btw, it’s been around for about as long as this comic has been online, I just never thought to link it here, honestly :3
It’s okay, life happens <3

I doubt he woulda said that one word if this scene was in the movie XD
Boo-yah! I was able to stop by the anime convention in town today and finish my page! It was my city’s first ever anime convention. I got to give some other webcomic-y people some flyers for S&B, and I even got someone to do a little doodle of Kat as a sticker for me among other things, heh! (I bought more stuff than I expected but oh well ;)

Easily triggered is almost an understatement...
I’m kinda proud of this one. For some reason I love drawing Kat in Chinese garb even though she’s of Japanese heritage (half). I’ll hafta draw her in a more Japanese style outfit sometime, but nobody said she can’t embrace different cultures as well! I should really work out an episode where we get to see this version of her— at least a cameo...
also I drew a bonus strip thing which is part Kung-Fu Panda ripoff and partially a nod to what Kairo and Kat’s student/mentor relationship is going to be like after a little bit.
Even though Evan isn’t berserk at the moment, I don’t think he’s exactly thinking straight—he’s really discombobulated. that word. None of the characters are exactly sure what’s just taken place here.

Sibling friendships for liiiiiife XD
Hey, thank you, that’s so cool!

Thanks so much for reading!
“Nave ti pots!


*Yako s’ti...”

This is the dialogue of this page backwards! My little sister started reading it this way and I LOVE IT! XDXDXDXD

Also the glance at Kat’s hair here was totally unintentional—I drew Kairo’s face before I finished her hair and didn’t notice until the page was done. So I’m just gonna say he’s thinking “Wow, her hair is like, in my face, rude!”
So this is page one of hopefully two—if I finish the other one on time for the usual Sunday. If not, then this is the page of the week.

I was getting tired of putting up one page where barely anything happens
I’m sorry if this scene is feeling long—it’s coming to an end soon (along with the chapter). The 3rd chapter will begin with Kat’s first day of training and then FINALLY get back to Kairo’s other boss...I’m sorry for how long this has been taking—hopefully when I redraw/rewrite chapter 1, it will be a lot shorter in getting here and the story will flow more smoothly and not lag so much. I’ll continue to improve my writing and art, one step at a time.
Ooh, creepy
I’m thinking I’ll try a weekly schedule instead of every 6 days or so, so hopefully I can be more consistent and maybe not overwork myself How’s every Sunday sound?

I wonder what Kat’s thinking about all of this...
Heya! I’m uploading from a hotel today ;) Idk what to call this sort of “fight mode” Evan has—also he can’t talk when he’s in this mode, in fact, he’s actually barely conscious of what he’s doing. This is my first serious action scene—I hope I can learn some things from it.
Kat, you’re bigger and stronger than Ev, so assuming neither of you were using your powers, it’s possible that you could still win at wrestling...maybe? Okayokay for the first time in history I got to draw Evan LAUGHING. Somebody pinch me!!!
Heya, so many things have been happening and I’m sorry to say that I won’t be able to have a page finished this week. I’ll get back to it as soon as I can, I honestly can’t wait!! Thanks for being awesome.
Evan hasn’t told Kat much about himself. Or anyone, for that matter. Keep in mind that he’s only been living with her for two years...

I love doing eye gradients!! Also I got strep throat, so yeah, yuck. XD
Sorry it took a little longer than I wanted, but we’re back, babyyyyyyy! Btw, kudos to Junoro (y’know, from Landshark) for teaching me how to use gradients properly, I finally figured out how to use them for the page background.

So mimicry “ahem.” Evan’s brain is a lot like a computer, which can store unlimited information and bring whatever he might need to the forefront when he needs it. This also enables him to immediately know how to do something after seeing it being done. This makes learning anything pretty easy peasy, but it also kind of makes him a mess of instincts whenever he feels threatened, as we have seen previously. (Does any of that make sense??) But Kai’s got a point, you’re probably not gonna learn all the basics just from watching movies, (unless they’re tutorials or something).
Hey guys! I’m back! Iwas really refreshing to not have to worry about update schedules for awhile, or about making my drawings “good enough.” I did draw on vacation, and even came up with some new concepts and ideas, but it was all pretty chill and not a whole lot of specifics—I only drew quick sketches or little doodle-style things like this one, where I’m just drawing purely for fun and not thinking about consistency or improving my art.

Anyways, thanks again for all the support, it’s so fun making content for you guys! You’re awesome and don’t let anyone tell you different! (EDIT) Also, if you’re wondering when official updates are gonna start up again, I’m not 100% sure yet, but probably sooner than later
So Imma be on a brief vaycay with the fam, and I really feel like I need a bit of a breather from schedules, and especially social media. The hiatus probably won’t last much longer than a week or two, and I’m excited to get back to it after a time of refreshing.

I love you guys, and am so thankful for your encouraging words and helpful feedback. Making this story for you is truly a joy. God bless ya, peace out!
Good job on the action here!