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I love animation, stories, comics, and my buddy Jesus. My favourite stories are full of crazy, sci-fi superhero things, as well as emotional depth.
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    Sharon Rose Kadach
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Sorry this was late. Work started up again and it’s been busier. This scene may seem a little weird, sometimes it’s hard to translate what’s in my head onto paper.
This is just an ordinary day at work for Kairo. I swear I’ll take more time to learn about lighting...
As you can see, a LOT of effort went into designing these random guards.
It’s here!! YES!! I had so much fun with this page; it was so nice to draw Kairo again. This is just a brief flash-forward btw. We’ll be back to where we left off, but from Kairo’s point of view, next page.
Yay!! I’m so excited to get into chapter 2!!
Third Question! If you have any more, just comment!
I’ve been doing a Q&A on Comic Fury and thought I’d upload the answers here too.
This is by another one of my sisters, who is 14. Aren’t they cute?! 🥰
This is a Fanart by defo18, give ‘em a big hand!
This Fanart is special to me because it was drawn by someone who was not taking requests and is not related to me. They just did it cause they wanted to!! Give it up for JuicyGrey, who drew this Fanart in B&W and then I coloured it.
I don’t know if you noticed the note stuck on Evan’s chair back on page 34, but my youngest sister noticed and drew this. (EVAN’S ACTUALLY SMILING!!)
Another from my youngest sister (she is seven by the way)
I did it!! Net I’ll be showing you some special fanarts and a bit of a cover gallery, then it’s on to chapter 2!! (I hope you’re all thirsty for a little action).
Hellooo! Sorry this is so late! I got a job!! And it’s a busy Christmas season. I’m sorry, but there will actually be one more page and then the chapter’s done.
I hope you guys don’t think Kat is a sap just because she’s so emotional. Sorry if the shading is weird, I’ll try to learn more about that. Also, there should be only ONE more page and then it’s on to chapter 2.
I FIXED THE IMAGE now all the layers are showing!! I’m so happy AAAAAAAA
November 26th, 2018
Man, your drawing is so soft and pretty
You’ve probably noticed her leg already from the Fanart. I really hate my art right now I have so much to learn
I just wanna thank anyone who reads this for putting up with my lack of basic shading, lighting, and anatomy skills. I may be learning slowly but I’m learning. This comic is basically a big art lesson for me. I hope the story resonates with you; that’s what’s most important to me.
This is a Fanart done by Argylefox! So cuuute! I’m linking their comic “The Under” here: