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/filler comic
I got no cake /cry
its all a lie....
its color all the way, im good till the 30 of may so enjoy.........
i have this panic at least once a month
What! color! people! whats going on here?
im glad, i liked the idea, much as i liked the one for "Im saying nothing" but was in to minds as weather to put it up or not as i would never like to ofend people, also i hate humer that relies on nothing but offensiveness
trow= tHrow?
yay to offensice comic in a row, like i said with the last one this is just a bit of fun, and if you take offence then im sorry, no i really am, go find my email and feel free to shout at me!, that feel better good :-)
I hope this di't ofend any members of the female gender(or any other gender as a matter of fact), i tryd it out on a few of my girl friends, and they liked it so i hope it will go down well
and the list of stops is as follows

need i say more
big crash/big crunch

beep beep
why thank you, im starting a project of giving wiki links to all the comics that needs some know to be understood
the girl I fancy
i got hoked by the meme