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Tornado 2
Hey. I'm Tornado 2.
I like games, reading books & comics, making new friends, and mostly having a good time in anything I do.

I came to SJ about 5 years ago but I left unknowingly cause other interests took me over and because of lack of time. Now I'm here again and I hope to stay longer.
...And right now that isn't working out for me.

That's all for now~
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Merry Christmas.
Hope it was a good one.
Time is filler.
Narrator battle. lol
@Porky: Eh?

It's got nothing to do with the author mate. You have to think of it like this: the Serious Times character Dex is playing the Serious Six character "Porky" in this parody. Hopefully that helps.
And thanks.

EDIT: Damn nose. Fixed.
Hillarious till the end.
First a huge explosion, now this.
These takes must be expensive.
Based on a Skype conversation.
Another one down.
I'll try to update in the coming week.

EDIT: I've got the tank.
I'm surprised they're still alive after staying in a burning city for so long.

Nonetheless, nice.

And here:-
Moving along.

<img src="">