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cat mastermv
I love bad jokes, memes, and games of all sorts
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Couldn't stop laughing at the video
Feel better soon
@Luna777: welcome to the commenting club
He's got the power!!!!!
I have done nothing but read this comic for three days
Does he know da way
They've got the power!!!!!
@EeveeEmyyy: what if chocolate covered raisin cookie
You have come back to destroy us with blizz!!!! WHHHYYYYYYY!!!!!????
@EeveeEmyyy: what if the raisins are inside the cookie?
@EeveeEmyyy: or if someone gives it to you saying it's chocolate chip
@EeveeEmyyy: have you took a bite out of an oatmeal raisin cookie thinking it was chocolate chip
@EeveeEmyyy: oatmeal raisin?