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cat mastermv
I love bad jokes, memes, and games of all sorts
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Was that what I think that was?
That's Zander-The-Artist's
Isn't Nightstar a cat from the warrior books?
Sorry but i can't help myself but...

ONE PUNCH!!!!!!!!!!👊
@Firelord6127: it's on this description of the comic
@StarlightNexus-Chan: since in their world there is no humans mewtwo should not exist
There is only one problem with that picture
Ima firean my lazar *snaps*
First of the entire series😏
@Flareon1225: he's going to let them join his team so the bad Pokemon will use their ranged moves on them instead of him
cat mastermv
June 11th, 2019
Brilliant observation
@Flareon1225: Pokemon who have ranged moves
@Flareon1225: from mystery dungeon pokemon
@Flareon1225: ranged moves like shadow ball and flamethrower
@Flareon1225: cause he needs someone for the other Pokemon to shoot at:-)