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@PastelWhile: This says Saturn was a drama queen, but that was before I changed it to a more violent plot. Saturn was NOT being dramatic
Sooo, I’m canceling this comic. Don’t worry! Nothing happened and I’m not going anywhere (unless I change platforms, but I don’t think I will).

Canceling this comic is a choice I’ve decided, and here’s why.

1. The plot’s really bad

The plot doesn’t seem too bad right now. It’s just a few characters who seem to have a few secrets about each other and problems arise from that.

Well you see, that’s not even the main plot. The second book is the actual main plot, it’s left in shadows for a very long time, and it’s not even very good. Things don’t make too much sense, and it doesn’t connect well at all with the first book. I’m not even sure I could really fix the plot, since the ripped book which is part of the main plot has already been introduced since page 6.
2. Bad characters

Oh boi, every character is pretty bad, especially Pluto. They don’t feel as if they have really personalities, or they’re wrong in some way.

Uranus was not even suppose to be crazy. He was a suppose to be a stupid, mischievous, maybe a little violent, but not straight up insane.

Saturn’s actual personality is gross and weird. His normal personality is weird enough that I barely actually show it.

Other characters are underdeveloped. Neptune could have been an interesting characters, but I barely wrote anything about her, and because of that her arc was short and boring.

The characters weren’t really planned out well and their personalities changed depending on what the plot wanted. I needed a reason for Saturn to hate Uranus, so boom he’s crazy now and ripped Saturn’s ribbons off.
3. Trying something new

This one isn’t really a main reason for cancelling this comic, but I thought I’d talk about it anyways.

My characters are all pokemon. There’s nothing wrong with having your story be Pokemon based. There’s lot of interesting stories that have Pokemon with them.

I just think that perhaps creating new stories from scratch would be good practise. I could create my own species and my own world (even though I’m not really sure Planet Eevees was even in a normal Pokemon world) . I think I’d be good practise if I want to continue writing stories and creating art.

Anyways, that’s all! In short, it’s mainly because my plot and characters are pretty bad, and I’d like to start something new! I’m not really sure what the next thing I’d try would be, but I’d make sure to tell everyone!

Oh, and the comic isn’t going anywhere. The comic pages are still accessible. I did delete the tumblr blog as it didn’t have much anyways. As for the discord, I’m not really sure what to do with it yet. Perhaps I could just make it my discord for people to chat on?

I hope this was understandable. The comic was really good practise in making plots and character, developing my art and staying on a schedule! It’s the first ever comic of mine to actually make it to one year, and I don’t regret doing it!

I’m really thankful that all of you read the comic! Thank you so much! I hope that you’ll continue looking at whatever new things I create!

(Was that too cheesy?)

And till next time, adios!
Oh boi
Oops a few hours late again, I’ve Been busy all day

Question of the comic-Who do you support in this argument?
@Flareon1225: He pulled the ribbons so hard it ripped off
Oops I forgot to release this comic on time, sorry!

Question of the comic-How do you think Uranus is gonna defend himself?
This is single-handledly one of the best pages ever
New page!

It’s also the first ever anniversary of planet eevees! Woohoo! To commemorate, I’m redrawing the first page to see how much I’ve improved. Go to my second comic (Pastel’s extra comics) sometime today to check it out!
Well, I guess that works

Also, at the time this comic uploads, it should be the start of my summer holiday, YAY!

Question of the comic-How do you think Saturn is going to react?
Ah yes, the basics

A map, berries, a few useful orbs and oh! Of course!

A pocket dimension
Rip Uranus

Question of the comic-Would you have chosen to talk?
Another page! Finally, we get to the others again!

Question of the comic-What do you think Uranus is gonna do?
Woah :0 dats absolutely stunning! And probably terrifying to witness
Oops forgot to time this post, now it’s 3 hours late, sorry guys
Woah that blood and paw look realisticcc
This is a good plot twist
@Rea: Yes
@Thedoggoking: hOw DiD yOu gUess