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*shakes him* LAVALAMP!<3 o-o
He's a cutie. But I have to say... He's got a funky shaped bottom! xD LAWL.
Stuffed little person toy? Gingerbread man? Voodoo Doll? ???

Sorry if it says in the text area- it's a little hard to read. lol. Anyways, the design is cool. Love the golden nipples. ;-)
I saw the preview image for this and I though it was... Something else. x_x LOL.

That's a sweet design, YOH.
Yayyyy! There be a lot of MP3 Players floating about in this collab. xD <3 I like his goggles. :D
May 15th, 2008
...HAHAHAHAHA! xD I wish I were that calm after smashing up a clock.
He was singing "pokemon, digital monsters..."

...Oh, wait... *failure* lol.
My insides just did a happy dance. o-o <3
Hehe! This is a neat idea. I might think about joining this.
Hahaha! Looking awesome! xD

And yah! I think I forgot to mention that she doesn't like wearing shirts for some odd reason. x_X Lawl.
Heheh. Crows are awesome.

He sounds funn! :D
Aw! And he even wraps up his victims all neatly! =D
Reminds me of "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe" so far. Well.. Somewhat.
Wow! This was really great! And sad too. Made me really think. I'd looveee to see the animated version too and see how that would turn out. :-)
Yay! Inspector Gadget fan comic!! Gadget rocks. :)
;-; Aww, that was such a beautiful comic.
<3<3<3<3<3!! This comic made my tummy tingle. :D
EuuuuuU!!~~~~~~~~ Awesome so far! Love your comic! :)
Ahh! I hate when that happens! D=