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Rob Master

I am Shas'o R'Vre

Veteran of a thousand conflicts, my enemies should expect no mercy.I am Iron within, and Iron Without

Just you watch yourself.

I may already have my crosshairs on the back of your neck...

Yes, I know.
Also, why is "Swoop" an onomatopoea?
Don't you just hate it when people have this conversation with you when you're a guy?
Mr Kerry wasn't fired, he retired.
Cue Question: WTF?

Just realised how weird the hands actually look. That's just... Retarded...
My phone don't even have a camera and has about three hours of battery.
heh. intestines.
My PC WPM is somewhere around 70 odd. My texting WPM is about three.
Note to self: Improve Jokes
Yeah, that comment was a joke about martin's new glasses. he got new glasses but he has no money, so i joked "who did you nick them from?". It was meant to be funny, but i guess not.
I find they take too long. I type really quietly, exept when writing long essays. THEN EVERYONE MUST SUFFER!
You have no idea how MUCH I quote this.
Yeah, so true. This reminds me of a conversation in which I ehklsuhfkwh kdhlkua uef a ay atlkau y aut arkltu yafhnauk4f wkuf alk awlkt vaufh al tat atuy al ta autya t REFERENCES asl;fjukhakhgli altautl;a atkwyr auhfukhtajlk v riot ao a.....

I can NEVER get tired of this joke.

haukrfga auryta ahf \weur qweuirtv qwhef qoiwurt awaio fawhk faowhfi a REFERENCES! iktg;ahtui aiuf aotuif awfo....

*Keyboard snaps in two*

Aw Crud!

(Wait, how am I typing this?)
New, Improved News Posts are now Available!
Please visit @

I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!
*Removes Crimson_fire from neck and places on mido*

I think I know where martin got his new glasses from...
He takes them off at home.
Two Things:
1) In panel 1 you can see Martin taking the photograph in the flash reflection in the window. The way to tell is you can see his glasses (Look closely)
2) If you notice my incessant chattering, it gradually turns from words into gibberish over the five panels I speak in. There are also REFERENCES there!

Here they are:

Panel 2 - My speech is a reference to a news post I made (Entitled "A Kick in the Arts").

Panel 3 - I mention "Gary the Icecream" and "Claire", who are names of small plastic food replicas we were messing about with one Thursday.

Panel 6 - 1) Martin has referenced the fact that I talk too much and "never know when to shut up"

2) "Burnt cakes make me smile" - A reference to D'N'O.

3) "And Copies of Melee went out to millions..." - this is a reference to the article martin was reading at the time of making.

Panel 8 - The word "Hero" is hidden in the bottom left corner.
HAHAHAHAHA! It's Gremlin!
Go to the news post page now!

It's VERY VERY VERY important!