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    known to most as welly
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minecraft is awesome, any you guys got the alpha?
go omega but he seems kinda braindead now...
i still think he's a lair
Insert coin to try again
Vindaloo is a english invention... but thats proberly the joke...
Itunes! :D
Oh.... awsome
It's Realy not my day now is it, i'm realy under the weather... and its raining people
Can i have your sprites? i would love to reply to this...
Yes! lets make this live agin... new sprites, you proberly noticed, PM me if you need also, Wellys a bit jumpy... dimention doors... not the best idea, and yes, you can extract your revenge for this XP
December 3rd, 2009
Happy Birthday then
... *leaves* ... Damnit *comes back*
ooh, i lost track of this comic, and all the comics i read, been playing heart gold... i wish it was in english...
I'm... not... going... to... pick holes in this.... no im not...
nah, you're tottaly awsome at what you do, i mean, awsome D:
Can't see it D:
Grumpy little girl...
i saw meny doods
September 11th, 2009
i look AWSOME D: