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Hello!! The name's Sysky. I'm just a girl that likes to draw and read comics. I am the main author and artist behind PMD Reignited, my first project that just kicked off. Don't be afraid to DM me, I don't bite!!
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@comercole: Oh that's just the lighting. They're in sort of an orange atmosphere, I didn't mean to make her look red sorry ^^'
I'll fix it in the next page
She’s only had like one shot she’s alright XD
Hnnn.... I wanna help the poor girl with option 2 but 3 sounds intriguing ;w; poor thing..
Wuh-oh... looks like someone's had a little too much to drink...

Well guys I know the new games have been announced and I am HYPED!!! However, as time passes, please please please no spoilers to the games' stories, I like to go in as blind as I can and any spoilers will not be tolerated in the comments.
(I'm choosing Sobble btw :3 my sad little water boi)
I’ll be honest, shading is not that hard for me when I do it. I don’t know exactly what your method is but there may be the chance that you’re just overcomplicating things for yourself? If you need any help or tips I’d be happy to offer it! (Even tho I’m still new to somewhat webcomics oof ._.)
I know!!!!! I’m really excited!!! >w<
Excuse me but who are you and how did you predict the script??? XD
Yes I clarified that in page 7
She pulled them out of her hood XD check the 3rd panel
Hope this page turned out ok. I wanted to do a movement with little noise page but I feel like I might've put too much in one page, however, I don't want the prologue to take to long. Anyways :P until next page
I think I got it!! The criminal’s description, being Grovyle, he has two claws. The claw marks are from Rune and Grovyle trying to hold on to each other while being separated during the time travel!!! :D (am I correct?)
Me on the first question of a test XD also the eyes in the first panel look AMAZING!!! :D
Sorry about that. I just hope I can give some advice. Being a comic artist myself (new albeit), I wanna help others improve as well.
Just a little critique. In the third panel the dialogue wasn’t arranged all too well and I needed to take a moment to figure out who was talking and in which order. Remember to arrange dialogue bubbles not too far apart as well as going clockwise with for eye as people read left to right. Hope this helps! :3
Ah ok. So I guess this OBT is going with the far in the future theory/setting for this universe. That’s cool! It’s nice to see that theory more explored since most interpretations go with the other dimension theory! :D
Happy Valentine’s Day, Lu!! Yes this is a sweet holiday, I’m having a great one so far. Also, yeah I would be interested in a little Q&A! Take your time of course but yes that sounds like a great idea. I hope you have a lovely rest of your day ^w^
Wait. Alola? Like... that’s a place in the PMD universe? Explain!!
GUYS!!! IT SNOWED HERE IN TEXAS!!! (only a little bit tho lol) anyways yeah, sorry if this page looked really wonky but I do try my very best to produce these pages. Anywho, I wonder what our freezing little traveler is up to. We'll see. Until the next page :3
:0 WOW!!! The new title page looks AMAZING!!!! Keep up the good work!!!! :D
Yes, Drizz looks adorable in the 2nd panel, and so does Queenie ^w^

Also, I'd go with option 2 :3