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an aspiring animator from Texas trying to make a comic
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Evolution here has nothing to do with age. Pokémon evolve from being experienced in battles or explorations.
On the contrary! Croconaw is actually the oldest of the group! This isn’t the last we’ll see of him ^-^
Howdy guys! I know I went on quite the hiatus. Truth is I've just finished the first half of my very first semester in college. I've been super busy and it's been tough adjusting... As a result, I had to put Reignited on hold for a while, even after I said I was getting back to it. I'm super sorry. But I think I should be on a roll here now that our characters are out of the tavern, because those backgrounds were a pain to draw. Be prepared for more updates, however they may be somewhat sporadic for a while. This is a passionate story that I want to tell for y'all and I want to get this all out there, but life happens and things get in the way. But here's hoping that we can get this on a roll. Thank you all so much for sticking with me!! I sincerely appreciate it!!
~Sysky <3
Happy birthday!!! I just had mine too XD turned 18
@GodSniper0523: Thank you Im glad you like it ^w^
Really, Vincent is just confused, if anything :P
It’s more of a face of confusion :P
Ok whew... I'm back for now. Testing was insane but I'm finally done!!! Now I have plenty of time and I'm going to try to set up a buffer if I can now that I have no more school because I'll be leaving to go travel in a few weeks. I'll make an official announcement for that if I can't get a buffer but for now just ignore it :P

Guys I am so ready to get out of this tavern XD I can't handle drawing all these bottles!!! Luckily, there's only one page left where we're in here and I am ready to be outside.. :P
My dude this looks awesome!!!!!!!
I don’t mind the comic being somewhat vulgar. I also don’t swear in my life (unless I’m really angry) but in my comic I’ll have some occasional swearing, but mainly because it adds personality to a character with a dirty mouth. I say go for it!
Gonna follow this comic, it looks really good!!! Also the title makes me think of the song from Hunchback of Notre Dame XD
Ok I feel like I outta explain a little for the delays. So school has been picking up quite a bit lately, since we're nearing the end of the year, so my priorities have been all over the place. I also managed to get myself into a school competition that's a pretty big deal and my entire focus has been the video that I had to make for entry. Hopefully, after about the next 4 weeks, everything is going to settle down. I'm gonna try to stay consistent with updating. Every 2 weeks is what I aim for, however, don't be surprised if it turns into 3 weeks within the next month. Again, I'm really sorry about all of this, but I promise that this won't get in the way of the comic.

Anywho... it looks like our main characters are finally beginning to interact! I'm so excited to see where this is gonna go :3
Im so so sorry that this one took me so long... ;w; I was so caught up with school work and travel that I couldn't get to draw as much, then I burnt myself out attempting to do two weeks' worth of work in just one so I just needed another week to finish this one. I'm so sorry for the wait. Anyways, yeah, don't mess with Zeraora. I'm ready to get this story going. See you guys in two weeks <3 thank you for understanding!!
He glowin' :3
@comercole: Oh that's just the lighting. They're in sort of an orange atmosphere, I didn't mean to make her look red sorry ^^'
I'll fix it in the next page
She’s only had like one shot she’s alright XD
Hnnn.... I wanna help the poor girl with option 2 but 3 sounds intriguing ;w; poor thing..
Wuh-oh... looks like someone's had a little too much to drink...

Well guys I know the new games have been announced and I am HYPED!!! However, as time passes, please please please no spoilers to the games' stories, I like to go in as blind as I can and any spoilers will not be tolerated in the comments.
(I'm choosing Sobble btw :3 my sad little water boi)
I know!!!!! I’m really excited!!! >w<
Excuse me but who are you and how did you predict the script??? XD