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Hello!! The name's Sysky. I'm just a girl that likes to draw and read comics. I am the main author and artist behind PMD Reignited, my first project that just kicked off. Don't be afraid to DM me, I don't bite!!
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Np, I’m always up for helping fellow artists with their work ^^ Just remember that shading in black is a no no (unless you wanna get really really dark). In an average scene it’s good to stick with neutral blue grays and adjust depending on the setting. A grayish purple would work very well and you can go blacker where there’s less and less light making contact (sorry that was long lol)
@Sakarime: it may be the shading/lighting. Are you shading using black? Also, keep in mind that if Crystal is glowing then she is a light source and would cast a light onto Kishi (hope that helps :3)
I spot a cameo! This town looks super cute too! Great job!!
Maybe. Maybe not. You’ll just have to find out XD
Cute names!! I’m looking forward to getting to know these characters :D
Omg I LOVE the way the characters are designed in this comic!!! :D
oof... I hope they've brought *burn heal*
"EARN THAT POKÉ!!!" XD that line killed me (love your art style btw, the faces are so cute and expressive ^w^)
@AssaultBird2454: hnnn... more like looking for something
I really can't get over this Clefairy >w< I just wanna give her a big hug!! You did a good job on the design :D
Hey guys!! Sorry I went MIA for a while. This past break we've been traveling a lot and it's near impossible to get work done when I'm at another person's house XD Well school's starting up again and, starting now, I'll be uploading every other Saturday!!! (yay) So I can't wait to get this story going, cause, up until now, it's been pretty slow and I apologize. Hope y'all had a good break. Until next time :3
Aww cute Clefairy :3
Dang!! The attention to detail is AMAZING here!!! All the little objects in the room, the lantern, furnace, firewood!! Great way to keep in mind with the potential time period and setting!! I love it!! The ruffles and folds in blankets with such a complex pattern is also very impressive!!! You're so talented!!
@Brown#2: It was tricky to make a hideous pokemon look appealing, but I managed to settle on this design which I think is better fitting. Glad you appreciate it ^w^
@Emc_502: Yup :D that's right!!!
@comercole: yeah, Zeraroa is gonna be a HUGE part of the story and I cannot wait to get into it!! :D