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Hello!! The name's Sysky. I'm just a girl that likes to draw and read comics. I am the main author and artist behind PMD Reignited, my first project that just kicked off. Don't be afraid to DM me, I don't bite!!
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Yay!! Finally something is happening in the story!!! I'm sorry my updates are really far apart... since there's no school this week I'm gonna try to set up a little buffer so that soon I may be updating every two weeks :D thank you guys for bearing with me. I'm doing my best to give you guys quality art, even if it as the cost of time. I also really need to work on my time management skills XD I spent this week playing Deltarune and it's been my most recent obsession :P I need sleep. I hope you guys have a happy Thanksgiving and, for you non-americans, a happy regular week XD love you guys and until next time!!!

(also if anyone was wondering about my school, we had another incident the other week XD a pipe burst in one of the bathrooms and flooded half of an entire hallway! We're all good now tho :P we all await the next crazy incident to fall upon our school)
@Hoi: dont worry. there's a page coming today. i'm finishing it up right now. I really need to start buffering ._.
that's awesome!! I've tried doing youtube in the past and it never worked out for me. I can never bring myself to draw on video for everyone to see XD good luck fam!!
@.: HM? nah he's just reading the paper :P
@WinkyGoMoo: Bartender Krticketune is best character. But yeah Flygon is one of my all time favorites and to leave him out of the story would be just cruel :P
@Glitchionius: aw thanks ^u^ i sort of rushed the backgrounds tho. before I blurred them they were pretty messy
AAAHHHH FINALLY!!! I'm sorry this one took so long. Everything got pushed back a week from school and being sick and stuff >:/ but I should be back on schedule. I'm new to this and if the backgrounds look like crap I apologize. Also, meet our new main character!! What's his name? We'll learn soon!! :D This is 2/4 of our main cast being introduced so far. I can't wait for you all to meet everyone!! Until next page, stay awesome guys!! Thank you for bearing with me during this crazy delay!! :3
I love your art style!!! I’m gonna jump on board with this one to see you progress. Nothing isn’t cooler than reading a comic and watching the artist’s style improve :3
Did... did Bidoof DIE???? :0
@orgostevani: I'm fine. Just behind schedule
@TerrytheTeryx: As hard as it is to think about it, it'll probably be a while. As long as I'm consistent in updating and experienced enough to make pages quicker it should last a few years definitely. If you're a really big Rescue Team fan, I'd be happy to let you know that one of the main characters might be from Rescue Team... (hint hint)
@TerrytheTeryx: Thank you so much!! Yeah the story is gonna have a lot of Rescue Team influence as well as the other games so I hope you enjoy it. I really have a lot planned for this project!!!
@Glitchionius: awww thank you!! I really do take a lot of time to make these so thank you!!! it's tough to balance this with school but I do my best
@Rocatex: Just breathing a sigh of relief
@SentryBeat: It's not Unown actually. According to my boyfriend, who designed the font, he based it off of Roman and Anglo-Saxon runes. I won't release the key yet so right now I'm leaving the translation a mystery :P
Finally got it up!! Are any of you guys in calculus? I'm in calculus. It sucks. But that's not stopping me from doing what i love!!! Like last time, the story seems to be starting off slow but I plan to start uploading every 2 weeks rather than 3 by next semester!!! :D Also about that sign. Yes, it does say something. We here on the Reignited Team have put together an original alphabet for this world and story!! I will be releasing the key as a gift to you guys once we hit 100 fans!!! Anyways, have a good week!!! Love you guys!! :3

(I promise there will be actual dialogue next page)
@VickypediaCottonstar: I hope you like it!! I've got a lot planned, it's just gonna be slow for a while because of school
WHOA!!!! Awesome style change for dreams!!!
This is looking AMAZING!!! Keep up the good work!!!
First page! Finally!!! You guys are gonna have to bear with me here. Pages are gonna be kinda scarce at first because school exists >:/ also the beginning of the story takes a while to pick up so I know that things may seem slow but just hold on because the ride is soon gonna kick off. I apologize that this page looks really similar to the title also but this is just how the story starts. Again bear with me... Until next time!!! :D

(Also the update schedule SHOULD be a page every 3 weeks so let's hope I can stick to that)