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"Not to mention my secret. That at night I become Batdog: the avenger of the night!"
Fan theory time! Laska has super-human strength and Nick is interested in her condition. The only reason a blacksmith would be interested is because metal is involved. So I say this points to Laska being a robot! (Or a golem for fantasy flavour.) Now the current flaws with this theory is that Laska doesn't know why she's strong, which she would if she were robotic, and she did get tired out in the chase scene. (Maybe her batteries need charging?) Only time will tell if I'm right and obviously I"m super-duper 110% right! ;P

More serious note: I can't wait to see Laska wear that helmet.
Nick: "You know me, always with my nose to the grindstone!"
Laska: "That's a shirt, not a nose."

This might get answered by the comic if I'm patient enough, but is the helmet more of a tricorne shape or more of an elliptical bowl sort of shape? I'm having trouble figuring that out from this perspective. Either way, I'm guessing that the star-holes at the back are to help Laska to hear since her ears would be folded back while wearing it.
"It's always hot in here. I can't help the heat!"
Is he talking about the forge or his style? :P
Uh oh, is something scandalous going on~? Careful when you open that door Lasks, they might be playing checkers in there!
Rather understandable that the city kicked your butt. Even with working with pre-rendered models there's just a sheer volume of work to be done! So congrats on all that work!

I think I spy an anvil sign hanging from that center building. The blacksmith is in sight Laska!
Oof! Doesn't matter how strong you are, you can still get crushed by poor self-confidence. :(
February 27th, 2019
So... I realize that demons are a dangerous thing, but there wouldn't happen to be a petshop that sells skull-headed, muscle dogs, is there? What I'm saying is that I need those leg wiggles!
Edgar is grumpy because he missed out on giant kisses!
Hoo lordy, someone is smi~tten!
Ya know, I don't think I've seen someone get kissed on top of the muzzle before. Maybe I just haven't surfed enough furry galleries. *Shrug*
Here we see Zareth in the competitive merc toss. They're starting with reasoning, moving on to insults and OH! Good for par.
Of course they're letting Zareth keep the money. I mean, have you seen Zareth? I wouldn't be able to say "no" to such a friendly smile! :P
What new character? All I see is a giant brick wall... That talks! :P
Also the cloaked tail wags are hella cute.
Get well soon!
"My cabbages!"

And here we see a practical demonstration on the draw back to tower shields. :P
Uh oh, is Laska going to have to go from aggressor to rescuer?

Good luck with the new schedule!
You're making Laska angry. You won't like when Laska's angry.

Sure hope those bystanders can get out of the way in time though, haha!
Well, we know that Laska is super strong. Now we see if she's super fast too!
Don't celebrate yet Brass, there's still the second one that needs moving!

Snark aside, that's a neat design and detail on the hedgewolf. I was originally going to joke that Laska is trying to admit that she gets her strength from being a were-hedgewolf, but honestly that'd be really cool looking!