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Oblivion Umbreon
Kittens and kittens and kittens and kittens
No human interaction and kittens and kittens
Bombay’s and ragdolls togers and kittens
These are a few of my favorite things
When I have to
Talk to humans
That are not online
I simply go nd pet my cat and then I feel JUST FIIINNNNEEEE
Pokémon drawing reading and other things KITTENS AND KITTEN AND KITTENS AND KITTENS
I just want to get the 4th darkest minds book there’s are other things that I want (and like)
When I check
My grades
I I’m getting a C in math
I just go home and pet my cat and then I don’t feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel ssoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo baaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddd

Bamb bomp
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    Uhhh nope.
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@Charlotte057: thumbs up to you I totally agree I couldn’t stand being rich and famous. I don’t want anyone to know my name and I don’t want to be hated on I like just being in the background. also your profile picture is so awesome
@ShadowStalker1128: love the way you draw delecattys BTW!
This actually made me cry out loud rip Marble I didn’t think a fictional character’s death could be so sad ;-;
sprout tower has always remined me of a cult XD
Hey have you ever gone to Costco? The reindeer are so cute....
@angryskitty: NP (: I’m excited to find out what happens!
Yes they do don’t they
This is what I do when I am playing volleyball: pretending the ball is trumps face XD
Also happy (bateled) birthday
@angryskitty: what is up with them like what are they going to do in the story later? Will they and what’s their connection with the girl? Are they siblings? I just really want to know if this is a side plot or a magior story foreshadowing.
Oh sorry it was a happy memory that caused him to evolve... aw
Instead of evolveing from happiness he evolved from sadness that’s sad but pretty creative but still real sad ;-;
Hey if you don’t like what the author did then just don’t read the comic it’s not your choice what he does
urm sorry to bother you but how does flares infection work? is it anger or very strong emotions and how much control does he have?
And brain damage!
What Pokémon is that? Oh and just letting you know how wonderful this comic is ahhh so cool

Edit:Oh it’s a cosplaying culty absol...