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@Allieluigico: Briar puts fear in the HEARTS OF MEN!
@Garnet107: Cedar did say goodbye to Basil, yeah. I wonder why word of that hasnt spread... *coughs*
@Dotpoint: In what world does not saying goodbye to one's mom = sociopathy? :thinking:
Who tf is routing for Opal??? How dense can you be, the lady pretty much sweats evil! XD
Driz's joy over Queenie liking her name is SO CUTE AAAAAHSDKJGHLSDFGFDG

I think Hestia will doubt Queenie's honesty over being an amnesiac, but she will hold onto her doubts for now, not outright opposing Queenie but instead questioning her from the shadows.
@Garnet107: You're fine, Garnet, no worries! Tbh I considered Cedar and Briar having completely separate adventure logs just to avoid the potential confusion, buuuut, work. >w< I am very bad at convincing myself to draw anything that isn't a FYR page.
@Garnet107: Do you not remember chapter three? Cedar defeated Roksa. The adventure log is always for the same adventure, THIS adventure, even if a different character is taking over as the main character for a short while.
@Garnet107: Y'all this conversation is so confusing dskjfghkdfg
@Dotpoint: FYR has been trigger warned for major character death since the beginning. Since this is a nuzlocke comic, that TW practically comes pre-packaged with the genre. But I chose to outline it anyway since a lot of my audience comes from the PMD community, where character death isnt guaranteed. That doesn't mean FYR is guaranteed to have MCD- I couldve had a deathless run, after all- but its a real possibility.

Also, just a quick clarification about the rules of the run! The three revives rule indicates I can use three revives for the entire team, not for each team member. That means, for example, if Cedar died and was revived three times, then if Shelly died I couldnt revive her, since I already used all three. (That is a COMPLETELY HYPOTHETICAL EXAMPLE.)
@Dotpoint: Quick correction, Briar is a girl!

As to the rest of your comment, at the moment there are no plans to every include blood, gore, or graphic imagery in FYR, and my expectations for this to change are extremely low.
@Dotpoint: Id be hesitant to limit questions to a single website, because I don't think that would help the problem a ton? It would just deter people from participating, and duplicate questions would still happen, since about four people asked Cedar and Shelly what they think the egg is gonna hatch into on smackjeeves alone. >w< There's not a ton I can do about duplicate questions especially if people don't check the comments to see if their question has been asked, but it seems quite a few commenters were happy to see that their un-accepted question was answered anyway, just for another person? Cause they got to find out the answer anyway. That was at least the case over on deviantart!

Again, there isn't much I can do to try to answer every single question. I just got too many, and I assume the number of questions we get for q&as will only continue to increase! >w<

And dont worry about me! I appreciate your concern a ton. But due to how big my buffer is, if I stopped drawing now and kept posting pages 3x a week, I wouldnt have to draw another page until September. At some point we may return tk 2x a week or drop even lower, but atm, there's no reason to! Cause drawing FYR makes me super duper happy :D

Again, thank you for your thoughts, Dotpoint. Youre a very wonderful commenter!

This chapter of FYR is trigger warned for mild blood. If you feel as though this will affect you, take caution reading this chapter. And feel free to PM me with questions.
@Z-Gamer007: I'm down for hugs! :D *HUGS!*
@WinkyGoMoo: I mean, I haven't confirmed there aren't plans for it~