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Just a mouse who likes to write.
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Aaaaah, I love Spot Bunny! They're such a cutie, look at those big eyes!
Hey Kris! Welcome to smackjeeves! :D Glad to see you and your comic over here in this weird lil site!
Hey friends! I'm running a quick poll to gather opinions on how interested folks would be in a print run of FYR! So if you're interested in sharing your opinion and have a moment, why not fill out the poll?

You can select multiple answers, but please don't select everything or check off random options.

Link is here! And you can leave any questions in the comments. Thank you for your thoughts:
HUZZAH, Team Bugfang returns! \(^o^)/ Looks like Fang's gotten himself into a fight! Altaria is tough, but I hope he can make it through!! He also still needs to save Morrell, so he's got quite a lot on his plate!
@steve: She! Cedar is a girl! :3
@Garnet107: Don't worry, they're still there! They just didn't fit into these shots cause I made her eyes all big! You'll see em on the next pages and so on. :3
@Captain Oblivious: Okay, yours is the best one. XD
I miss this comic! ;n; Hope you come back soon, whenever you're ready!
Awesome to see your process! You both work so hard!
@not torracat: My money's on yes.
Thank you so much, what a wonderful comic you made for us to enjoy! It was an absolute treasure getting to read your work. I'll miss looking forward to updates every few days, your notifications always got me the most excited out of all the comics I follow. But it's fantastic to see an amazing comic come to a close. Rig is alone but she is alive, and maybe that's the best we could hope for, for now.

Enjoy your rest, and if/when you begin your future projects, I'll be the first to favorite! :3 Thanks again, Songdog.
@ILapras: Some keep canon names. Most either take their own name or no name at all. Every race and species of pokemon have their own specific abilities that they can use to battle. Water elementals can spit water, and the blast they can produce from this gets stronger as they age (aka meaning that in-game water gun and in-game hydro pump are the same technique, just of varying strengths). Earthens can use physical movement to bend earth, rock, and metal. Psychics can use magic that stems from the brain. Et cetera. Every race and species has a different subset of abilities they can use to fight. Every single little thing they do aren't divided up into specific Moves with number designations to define their specific Power and Accuracy levels. That's video game logic, and in a story like this, it becomes nonsensical fast. Instead, every species has abilities, and can tweak those abilities to fight in different ways.

Take Cedar here for instance. Instead of trying to figure out what in-game move she might be using, think about her abilities. She's a water elemental. She can fight by spitting water from her mouth. But she's now been told that spitting water is "not something an earthen does." How is she going to prove them wrong? Well, if water elementals spit water, perhaps it's more earthen to spit mud! So she does this by throwing dirt in her mouth and spitting water to create a blast of mud instead of water. That's what's happened here! :3
@ILapras: It would help to not think of battle techniques in this universe as "moves."
@Z-Gamer007: Mudkips evolve at level 16! With only her on the team up to this point, I didn't even have to grind to get her that far by the first gym!