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Not much to say honestly, watch youtube, play trombone... I'm not the most nore least interesting person ever.

Or maybe I'm a super intelligent attack submarine, DUN DUN DUUUUUUN!
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When the lies are bad but the truth is worse.

You know, I wonder, what would Dusk do if his level was matched to Dawns.

Also is yaoi a running gag or do you seriously watch that stuff?
Kalvin, did you eat a Snickers?

He needs a Snickers.
When you discover the other things an author does.

And there are hints about the main comic.

Like: who is this karma guy?..

Are Malvin and the green guy actually just karma? And with a name like karma, what did Kalvin do to justly deserve this?
You should totally do this with a new character or at least filler character:

What WOULDN'T dusk do if he saw one of the lab faculty when his trainer was taking him out of the PC?
If Phil is making Kalvin as angry as when I don't get my daily dose of Gatorade, then Phil should watch out.
@Nintenduck: I was trying to think of that.

I was thinking Jimual was long for Jim. Or Jiminiea.
I did the math.

It would cost about $13,000-15,000 dollars to buy enough portable electric fans to get to the next secret.

Ya'll better start saving.

Quick question, how often do you use traditional depth in your comics?
Like, 1 or 2 point perspective?
Also, maybe Daisy and Lea are the same 'mon'.

Not in, she hides her work life under a different name.

But something like they're separate entities in the same body. Maybe they take turns having control over the body. Maybe they know of each others existence, but they've never communicated, and Lea only has control over the body for one day once a week.

I don't know. But is interesting to think about.
Hey, maybe this will force Dusk to be his normal self for once, even if just for a little bit.
Also, I'm gonna call the blue guy Phil.

Hi Phil.
Oh, don't mind me, I'm just having a existential crisis in the corner.

What if you had such a powerful immune system that if your head was sliced off, it would be kept viable for as long as it needed and your body would send out a tentacle to retrieve and reattach it.
What if the tentacle couldn't find it and it decided that the best way was to make a new fully conscious brain to find it, so it made a new head with a new brain. Then to that new brain it would be like: He woke up in the forest suddenly, no memories, no knowledge of where he was or what happened, just one goal. To find *something*, he didn't know what, or why, just that he HAD to find it. He searched for months, gaining new friends and experiences. Finding true love.

Then, at the end of the journey, he finally defeats the final enemy and finds it, in a box on the final enemies desk.
He looks, surprised, *why would I be looking for a head?* he thought. Then he realized, that it was HIS head.

He looked at it in horror, as his head was being reabsorbed by his body.
His consciousness being removed and destroyed, his memories, his love, fear, and joy being erased as it was no longer needed.
He was created by his body to find the original head. And he had done that. His last glimpses of live disappear as if they were never there to begin with. Then the body slithered out the tentacle out of the space where the head should be. Grabbed the head, and reattached it.

Then the original eevee woke up*, not knowing where he was, his last memory having his head chopped off. Wondering how he got there.

Never knowing of the other eevee with his body that will never be again.

*(This could apply to humans or pokemon, just that I imagined this character as an eevee just because that was the thing at the front of my mind at the time of writing this)
A few decorative pillows would be great in that place.

*cough cough*
They all die, and their ghosts eat cake.
I imagine lem snapping, then coming into her room in the middle of the night, then singing the santa song 'he knows when you're asleep he knows when you're awake' then strangles her at at the 'he knows when you've been bad or good so be good for goodness sake'.

I don't know why, but I imagine him doing that.
So it's revealed that he has an ongoing illness...

Bet when he got the green voice it came with illness.
Wait, how long do eevees in this comic live for? And what about their eeveelutions? (in human years)
It feels like amnesia is an overused trope. To bad it's so powerful and useful in so many different stories and plots. Because I usually don't like overused cliches. But it just works so well that I like it anyway.

Why does it feel so good just to say Vodka?
The real question is why didn't she use those powers to make that Kalvin body pillow?