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Not much to say honestly, watch youtube, play trombone... I'm not the most nore least interesting person ever.

Or maybe I'm a super intelligent attack submarine, DUN DUN DUUUUUUN!
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You know honestly that weird old guy's intentions were a lot less dark than I thought they'd be.
This reminds me of one of those videos where a semi stopped way faster than seemed possible to avoid hitting a car.
I wonder, what's the shape of eevees tail without all the fur? Is it like a dogs tail where it gets thinner and thinner towards the end? Or does it get thicker in the middle like the fur on his tail?
Well, odds are he's a human, wonder what would happen if something else from the human world ended up there. Like notepad, or maybe just a car tire.

Or a nuclear missile, who knows?
I feel like this is going to be one of those things like the lego movie.

Where the main protagonist is convinced by others that he's the only one who can save the world, but in the end it was revealed that he wasn't special at all.

But all the training and determination he had while under the assumption that he was special was enough to let him save the world anyway.

But hey, that's just a theory, A COMIC THEORY, THANKS FOR READING.
And finally eevee, the sweet treat crisis.

Billy STOLE A DONUT, and a human was summoned to stop his evil threat from stealing all the donuts.

He has the ability to force any creature to immediately drop what they were holding, which will be very useful in the upcoming boss fight(s).
@ultrawandit: Yo, it's been two months, you still doing alright?
Kinda worried bout ya.
Well, given I captured arceus with my level 100 flareon, I don't think they have too much to worry about.
It looks like a lunch tray from a very expensive boarding school.
If only, wonder what they would evolve into.
@anonymous2006: Well, I don't plan on going through with this until around the middle of october, assuming I think I'm ready by that point...

I've got some pretty bad procrastination, and setting that date months in the future makes me feel better... I just hope to be able to make it.

So, I'll be making more weird stuff starting around then, assuming the procrastination monster doesn't drag me too deep.
What if the characters in the comic actually noticed stylistic changes, like in the 6th panel.

His eyes turned into freakin vertical lines man, that'd mess me up if I saw that in real life.
Also, I've come up with two plot points for the future.

The key words are pregnancy and obsession.
I imagine lux being an evil dictator in the human world, and would be very surprised if he gets his memories back.
This'll be interesting.
Him screaming for help...

He kinda looks like Dio.
I imagine something like this:

Luna: Hey Kalvin, what time is it?

Kalvin: *checks watch* Oh, 1:30

Luna: *checks Kalvins watch, sees that it's 1:32* KALVIN DIDN'T I TELL YOU NOT TO LIE?!?!