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I work in animation.
  • Real Name
    Dylan Edwards
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I wasn't happy with this drawing

I did another one which you'll see if you click forward a page or two
back in the saddle
new content in progress!

In the meantime please continue to enjoy the character pin-ups

I did a detailed map of the galaxy which I used for the background

I’ll be sharing that once the character profiles are done
Changed the setup for the character pages and did some new typography for the title
thanks! I stuggle with colours - I don't seem to have a natural ability to choose schemes that work well together so I end up taking a long time to experiment until it feels right
he's gonna burn the rest of his hair off
The Captain's got a lot going on
@super-chii: no worries
looking forward to seeing more
nice work
I love your comic. I'm wondering how many chapters you are planning.
I love this - is there more?
happy new year!
take a break - you deserve it!
I love this comic
whoa - this just got real .

I made a little revision to the last panel on this page and re-uploaded