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I work in animation.
  • Real Name
    Dylan Edwards
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I did a detailed map of the galaxy which I used for the background

I’ll be sharing that once the character profiles are done
Changed the setup for the character pages and did some new typography for the title
thanks! I stuggle with colours - I don't seem to have a natural ability to choose schemes that work well together so I end up taking a long time to experiment until it feels right
he's gonna burn the rest of his hair off
The Captain's got a lot going on
@super-chii: no worries
looking forward to seeing more
nice work
I love your comic. I'm wondering how many chapters you are planning.
I love this - is there more?
happy new year!
take a break - you deserve it!
I love this comic
whoa - this just got real .

I made a little revision to the last panel on this page and re-uploaded
November Begins
A boarding party forms up on the launch bay of the SS Shadow's End as the pirates prepare to follow Captain Lazarus into battle against the Imperial Robots.
October 10th, 2018
nice work
I love your style - interested to see where the story goes