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So he's the reason why Jack was able to store tons of things on him without anyone noticing?
But I wonder how he ended up like he currently is? Meaning, how did he end up as the cool fox we all know and love? I bet that'll be answered soon.
So the Wind Spirit decided to ruin Jack's chance at competing in another tournament?
Looks like the Prologue is about Jack's Past before he entered the tournament?
I'm guessing someone came to the island and found Japhin missing?
She's feeling guilty since there's no way for him to get Dragonthing back.
Too bad Mikala is taking damage from his own attack at the exact same time.
I can't believe she's gone. So sad. I just know that her death will change Xero,Jack,and Sierra.
@Dapuffster: Can they not die inside the building or just in that world itself?
@H0lyhandgrenade: It's guilt in her eyes. She's realizing that if he does give the Pokemon back, he'll lose Dragonthing. So, she has to choose. Either he loses Dragonthing and the people get their Pokemon back, or he gets Dragonthing back, but the people loses their Pokemon.
Amaranth is dead. The question is: Who killed her?
She's realizing that she was carrying a spear made out of blood the entire time.
Does Omi's friends have their own apprentices to train to be Xiaolin Dragons of the Elements like them?
Jack's regretting that he never got training back when he was younger when the whole Shen Gong Wu chase started. If he had trained back then, he would've been strong enough to fight Chase.
@pkmnMasterWheeler: First, is Mikala a boy or girl name? Second, I knew it. They don't like using Electric-type moves since they'll always get hurt.
I just hope that they're able to take over the world before the end of the chapter.
Have other villains try to steal the Shen Gong Wu from the temple? If so, I'm guessing Jack takes care of the villains that he can only handle?
@Dapuffster: I bet a lot of them want to punch him in the face and tell him off?
@Hunter: Probably the Child Link timeline since there's no mention of the original Hyrule being sunk underwater. As many people remember, the Goddesses sunk Hyrule underwater to stop Ganon from taking over Hyrule, while everyone else moved out from the country before then.
You planning on adding a background and some other things to your comic's website page?