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I can wait a year for the comic's reboot.
September 5th, 2019
That's not a good sign.
The day Jack entered the tournament was the same day he became friends with Xero.
Ash should switch out Kealani.
@BananaSpice: Yeah. The Sands of Time from the new timeline.
@coffeelemental: I bet in that timeline,they went to the stage and removed the stage light, only to find that her body was missing?
Wouldn't Jack need to find the Sands of Time in the Past in order to prevent anyone from getting their hands on it and recruit Future Omi to help out?
It's impossible. As long as they have Dragonthing, he can't fight against them. Also, if he crosses Team Rocket, he'll be hunted down by them for his entire life.
The most important question is: How has Jack's Grandfather not been arrested yet?
I'm guessing that some of his inventions are a little buggy/in the testing phase and might explode?
So he's the reason why Jack was able to store tons of things on him without anyone noticing?
But I wonder how he ended up like he currently is? Meaning, how did he end up as the cool fox we all know and love? I bet that'll be answered soon.
So the Wind Spirit decided to ruin Jack's chance at competing in another tournament?
Looks like the Prologue is about Jack's Past before he entered the tournament?
I'm guessing someone came to the island and found Japhin missing?
She's feeling guilty since there's no way for him to get Dragonthing back.
Too bad Mikala is taking damage from his own attack at the exact same time.
I can't believe she's gone. So sad. I just know that her death will change Xero,Jack,and Sierra.
@Dapuffster: Can they not die inside the building or just in that world itself?