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So sad seeing your comic end,but, I'll miss it.
Some of the students want Lone expelled for the incident that happened last night, right? Or did some other incident happen that gave her the armor and cause the school to go into chaos?
The metal necklace was holding back the true power of Japhin's demon. Now it's strong enough to fight back against Japhin's opponent.
Did Mr. Skelly summon spirits to possess the animatronics?
Frisk can't sleep is Chara's watching her.
Shouldn't Frisk have spared the Froggit and be a Pacifist?
It's impossible for her to do the experiment again. SHe would need to capture both an angel and a demon again and then use their DNA for her project again. Unfortunately, I don't think the angels will be helping people anymore if it's at the cost of one of their own kind captured by Dr. Isara again.
Is Rumple the last of his kind? If he is, does his kind initiate children into joining their kind and become just like them, is that it?
She's protecting him an he's proud of her that she made the right choice.
@BananaSpice: It was very obvious. I just wish he had won more Xiaolin Showdowns.
Also, love your comic. Jack's my favorite villain on the show.
@BananaSpice: Okay. I read the original comic. What was with the text from the page when Past Jack planned to rule world to the page before the announcement? It looked like you typed a book onto each page with the images.
I'm guessing that Jack challenged Chase to a fight? Or is he learning how to fight from Chase, so that way, he'd last long against the Xiaolin Warriors in the past
I bet Lovrina secretly cares about her little sister. She may act tough, but she really cares about Jen.
@Cookie: Edd has a funny sense of humor.
The guy on the second bottom panel to the right, he's the guy from the dream.
I think he's shaking from blood loss. His wound hasn't been taken cared of.
November 15th, 2018
"Closer than" should be "closer than".
November 15th, 2018
"Uou"? Shouldn't it be "you"?
She's protecting her friend.