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Tyler The Shiny Eevee
Hi i'm just some random Shiny eevee that no one wants lol
@Lunar_eclipse: whelp I'll just make a new account to do it lol
@Lunar_eclipse: Wow I didn't think I was missed at all!
(btw how can I change an account's name?)
@Male vaporeon: Thanks!
.. Aaaaaaand ignored again. Oh well. I'm used to it at this point.
...wait wheres Endy? She was right behind me. And yes, I knew she was there the whole time.
... wow. How have you not found me yet? I was hidden in plain sight. RIGHT IN FRONT IF YOU. Well then again I WAS resting against a White Floor and a white wall...
@Lunar_eclipse: OK! *hides in a secret place only I know about*
@Lunar_eclipse: oh hey, you all playin hide and seek? Can I join?
@Endy The "Drageon": your fine because your not crushing my back.
@Peach The Shiny Eevee: thank you! . . . Oh yeah, they just decided to try to sleep on my back. They didn't even ask!
@Peach The Shiny Eevee: also I was exaggerating. theres only 2, but it feels like more than that
@Peach The Shiny Eevee: ... gently scoot them off of my back?
@pixlyJolt: Pretty please get your kits off of me?