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The lil golem is so cute :3

(is it me or has it grown a little since last time we saw it)
Isnt there a page missing?
I like this guy xD
He droped one of his antlers
Testing out an art style for this comic.
Run while you can. Feuer said to the pichu.

Then he prepared himself to attack with ember. while the wounded pichu ran into the bushes and dissapeared
The other 4 pokemon's prepared for what was coming. The delibird and the magnemite waiting on their boss orders. The bulbasaur trembled with fear.
And the serperior, knowing how deadly fire element powers are for grass, ice and metal types. Prepared to give out the orders for retreat...

(My english grammar are not the greatest <3)
I hate making bacgrounds. the style is always changing because im not happy with them. But this one i kind of like, I will for now on try to keep this style for now on.

And hey! New character!
(But haven't we seen him somewhere?)
Now we know how they got their scars.
@LuckyPuppie: Nice to see someone else likes the Wynncraft server/game.
@YolkenEgg: Hah, Yeah. My english grammar sucks. Sometimes it is not that easy to get it right when english is not your main language. I do use google translate much. (most for grammar/spelling)

/from sweden
@YolkenEgg: Well, thank you. I hope you enjoy this comic.
I imagined the starchild giving this noble the middle finger.
And the faces, this is great.
And i already like this old monk.
Just found this comic, and i love it.
Yay new page!
Keep up the good work!
Oh dear!
Well i can't actually blame her. The pup was hidding in that bush so how would she know it was a pup and not a rabbit.
And also she may have a little struggle to rekognise different scents from different animals.
That hitmonlee on panel 2 looks like they about to shit their pants.
(if they had pants)
This made my heart breake.
Im soo happy he is accepting it/gives her a chance.

Sorry for my english spelling xD
(slightly picking up the hart pieces)
Im starting to like this guy!
He's some sort of master shifter? cus we now have seen him in 3 different shapes (besides for human)