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Reding and making comics.

Really likes to translate comics to Swedish.

Comics translated - 1

(have a comic you want to be translated and posted? (smackjeeves/deviantart)
Send me a message)
Good birdie.

I hope they didn't got hurt by the propellers tho.
Very spicy, but she liked it?

Maybe the taste is so good that she doesn't care if she will be burning from inside-out.
Oh dear. Our walking nuclear reactor is walking around by themselves.
Even if she is 1000% pure kindness i feel hat someone needs to always keep an eye for Starlight.
You never know what weird things she can stumble on (specially in such an public area)
@Salen: Misty probably are a relative to grumpy cat.
Heheh. I was right it was popcorn xD
Panel 6 is literally my expression of this page.

By the way I'm a ghost now.

R.I.P Reason of death. Cuteness overload.
Is someone randomly throwing popcorn on him?
Either that or someone is eating with the speed of lightning so it flies everywhere.

October 22nd, 2019
Sad Tommy making sad puppy noises.
This makes me belive that Hazel vill be a great leader.
She cares about the herd and not to only be leader so you can bossing them around.
You have been on stand-by for a wery long time pal.
Devon is dying inside.
Poor boy.
I don't know why but that looked like an triceratops for me for a second there. XD
His tail reminds me of gangrene/Necrosis. With i think it is here.
They can't save Burners tail because of that the body tissue is dead.
By the cut/injury that stoped the blood flow to the tail / the poision. Or maybe even both. As i searched for information, snake venoms may inhibit enzymes and cause cell death.

But hey he is alive at least!
That guy speaks Danish
Its always so wierd to see Swedish/norway/danish text in the middle of an enlish texted comic. XD

(from Sweden)
Big scary spider-creature.
And a dead body on the bench...
Have no idea what will hapen in the future (if they manage to escape or not)
But seriously, I can literally hear this Soundtrack piece if they do escape.

1:30 - 2:34
(is also my personal favorite score of this movie)
God job Abby, to calm him down from Wery pissed off/worry to ony worry.
If they had stod 1 step closer, Devon should had slaped his friends in their faces with his wings.