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Reding and making comics.

Really likes to translate comics to Swedish.

Comics translated - 1

(have a comic you want to be translated and posted? (smackjeeves/deviantart)
Send me a message)
Just seeing the bear and the rabbit just melts my heart.
Don't wory you don't need to XD
@Ulta: No matter what will hapen. I'll love it.
I for a while have a theory that Stars "element/power" is chaos.

1.Well, in the early pages when chaos was mentioned, it was referenced (not in words)to the color yellow (prologue page 7).

2. Maybe this is a stretch, but i stand on it. Chaos is described to have a destructive energy and that this energy is needed for creation. Well, we already know that Star can be very destructive. And her healing ability? can it be something with the energy of creation? maybe. (prologue page 2)

3. The Hybridors is beings with divine/godly powers. and as known there are only 4 of them. representing 1 of the each gods besides of Chaos. Star is a hybridor? Totally i want to say yes on this one.(prologue page 6)

4. And as in this page. "That was no element."
This can mean 1 of 2 things.
Either they are literal with that it is not an element.
Or that they know it is the element of Chaos, but as we know of the backstory of Chaos (again to prologue page 7) They hate the element so much (because of what it has done/is) that it is rather not mention as an element itself.

Well that is what i believe. and ill have to wait and see how much my theory is correct.

Poor Starlight. She's like an walking positive innocent nuclear reactor.
The faces on the 4rth panel made me giggle.

Scared. What the fuq? Really? Pissed as hell.
The text is so smool, Can't barely read it.

Anyways this is an very interesting story as i can tell of the panels.
September 15th, 2019
Small notice
In this world. the charmander's (all evolution)tail is not made of flames, but of glowy fur and an crystal/gem of sort on the tip of their tails.
Their life essense/core is in this gem. so if it fades out the charmander dies.
I bet is a dream, or a dream of an memory.
September 13th, 2019
@FireTheWolf: Oh yeah. i kind of forgot about that part :)
September 13th, 2019
when did they bite him?
Or is it an off page thing for it to be more kid friendly/no direct showing violense.
Movie scene
This reminds me so much about that scene in Snow dogs, when the husky eats the tooth paste and gets all fomy around its mouth.
The text the guy is speaking is wynnic. It is only an font, But in this comic it is an another language.
And as clearly Jack doesn't understand the wynnic language but Nherou does.

Translation of the wynnic font.

The bridge was destroyed by some horrible creatures! Now there's no way to get across! That old tree to the North looks like it's
going to fall over any second. Maybe you could give it a little push.
Im always forget to read the pages right to left instead of left to right xD

Mostly because that this is the only comic i read that is this way.
@Sheepie: Derpidy derp derp XD
I have derp in my discord name.
Literally like zombies in minecraft.
Thats creepy and funny at the same time.

Sitting with my face stuck on the screen.
Still can't wait to see what that secret is with Burner.
Is that an Road to Eldorado poster i se?

(insert small girlish screamk)