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I can imagine how ana feels😟 when I was young I said stories like her to hint my true self😟😖 bc I was afraid to came out. When I was 18 I told it my family and well I never expected support and dont get one but anyway.
Ana is tough, but I'm bit worried about her
Awww sweet🤭. Sooch is a pillow now🤭🙈.
April 12th, 2019
Congrat for your bravery👍🏻I wish I had so much courage
April 11th, 2019
Hell yeah green day 🤘🏻
Its soo cute OMG 😍😍🥰🤭
Ohh nooo D: dont be unhappy at your prom :( poor I´m so sorry for :( :(
Exactly 🤭well I'm not gay but BI pan figuring out atm🤭🙈. And Trans too every one seriously everyone asked me if I'm a girl now do you like boys? I just said pleeeaaase my gender identity doesn't define my sexuality. 🤭
He looks so unbelievable cuuuutte😍
Eeeeeeee prom night chapter 😍😍😍 wait so long for it screeeam
finally here
I saw this comic at smmackjeeves and start read them 6 days ago and I cant stop i Like your comic so much and I can feel with some of the characters. And now I will start buy the books hihi
September 27th, 2018
soo cuute 😍
I've read her comic to here the whole evening, I think it's great and especially it helps me in a difficult situation. Keep it up