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Hello I love comics : )

Other than that i love other types of storytelling, movies, cartoons, normal books, video games, i just love fictional stories probably to an unhealthy degree.
I like to draw a lot.
I also kinda like knitting, doing pottery and running.

very shy, a bit of a shut-in, likes cats & minty colors.
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@Wolfwatcher33 : Thanks! :)
@Wolfwatcher33: Wellllll I am doing fine! But... while my comic is still on my mind everyday, it hasn't gotten anywhere on paper. Sorry. I need to stop saying I should be able to do it, maybe other people would be able to find the time, but I am me and I can only do what I can do, this isn't my top priority and I need to stop talking like it is, that only leads to disappointment...But i should communicate more that's my bad. Anyway, aside from the guilt and the boredom of not drawing anything that's not for class, I'm doing great, and if I can fix that I will be amazing.
@Wolfwatcher33 : Thank you!
@Wolfwatcher33 : OK. I should not make promises. I am very sorry, I will not be able to post anything on new years. I don't have it done. But I am working on it. I posted a uncolored page here if you would like to see it.
@Wolfwatcher33 : Aww thank you!
I'm sorry, I never made an official announcement because for a long time I could not make up my mind between continuing, dropping it, and restarting. I feel like an idiot because it took me so long to get this far, but there are too many holes in the story for me to continue enthusiastically... I should just move on to new (smaller) projects...but....I just keep thinking about this story.

I really want to reboot it! I really want it to be good! And for it to be its best I need to make a few changes.
I've been re-writing it over the summer and it makes so much more sense now! BUT, it has been over a YEAR since last update. School and work have been keeping me busy, sure, but if I really cared then I should be able to find the time.

I am making my deadline new years.
January 1st 12am. I will have something;
either a new and improved rebooted Casey, (I will make an announcement link. And reply to your comment so you get an email notification? (I get emails for comments, I'm assuming its the same for guests?))
Or page #96 with the resolve to see it through to the end and only imagine the reboot as an AU.
Or maybe I will give up on my dreams, build a shack in the woods and commit to life as a hermit.
Either way, I will have SOMETHING on new years.

Anyway, thank you so much for being so amazingly patient and telling me you enjoyed the story!!! You aren't being pushy at all! And I hope you like what I come up with!
@Guest: Thanks :)
@Wolfwatcher33: Really heckin' bad my dude. There's no good reason for it to be going bad, but it's bad anyway. Sorry for getting your hopes up.
@Wolfwatcher33: Yeah it has been a long time... I'm really sorry about that. I don't intend to cancel it.
I hit a writing snag (+life stuff, it was a lot of things, but the snag is what stopped it instead of just slowing down updates) and just... keep putting off fixing it? That's why I haven't said anything, I just keep telling myself, I'll do it tomorrow...
That sucks though... Y'know what? come to think of it, this really sucks!! i wanna work on it! damn!!!
I don't know how this got so out of hand...
Thank you for asking, maybe it's the push i need. : )
Ooph I feel like I've really been letting the story get away from me...
Maybe I'll look back on it someday with fondness like I do for chapter 1... but chapter 3 wasn't really what I had in mind at all at the start, almost every week I was making some major change to the story so I ended up going along one page at a time.(as opposed to planning the script and thumbnailing at least a couple pages ahead.)
I think I've been making some things way way too obvious and others not obvious enough...
I would love to restart but I have gone down that road before with chapter 2 and I super regret it... so just gotta keep plowing forward!
uuhhhh To a new chapter! *does a toast* Yeah!
jeez.....Sorry I keep missing updates, my computer is slow as molasses after i get to color lately.(there's other reasons too but I could probably get over those if it didn't take a million years to do anything) idk I'm gonna try doing one more thing but if I cant get next week's page done on time I'm gonna have to stop doing full color. flat colors or b&w i don't know yet. sorry. I know I like full color but obviously, until i get a new computer at least, it'll have to take a backseat. I cant stand missing updates (of my ONCE A WEEK schedule) anymore. -_-;

Oh also look I made a new font :) I used "". I don't know what I used before but even though it still took some fiddling this went MUCH smoother. (as you can see by the letters only being slightly off instead of wildly different sizes.) now that I'm looking at it it might be to small? i gotta go to bed now, I'll fix it later.
Edited this and the next page so Terry isn't wearing her arm covering because it doesn't make any sense why she would be, she ain't shy about scars and it would be more convenient with it off.
just to make things as clear as possible
uh I want to state Casey's gender now even though it will be further addressed later in comic, (now if just because I can think of a few unfavorable conclusions someone could jump to...)

Casey is AMAB* agender**,
but right now wants he/him pronouns and doesn't want to talk about it, so he figured just saying boy would be easier even though it doesn't fit.
Also he is extremely flattered when people think he's a girl because, that means he's cute right? :3c that's why he's actin weird.
(i know, i know, show don't tell but i seriously don't want anyone jumpin to weird conclusions! ...also this ain't yaoi in case anyone's wondering.
Look, you'd be wary too if you saw my 15-year-old self's smackjeeves reading list... -_- )

* AMAB: Assigned Male At Birth, ya get the blue baby balloons.
** Agender: a non-binary gender identity, neither man or woman. may feel like no gender at all.
@Qndrez: thank you! : )
Hey! uhhhh i have good news and bad news, good news, i think i got a job, I'm a real adult now, I even got a bank account a couple days ago. :D uh bad news, I'm super slow at drawing, :( I'm already been falling behind at one page a uh I'm definitely going to keep drawing but...ya know the joke of a schedule I've got going? (uhhh i think i maybe got 2 pages up on time?) toss that out the window. I'll just post whenever i finish. :P ...I'm sorry. I am working on drawing faster but...don't count on that.
sorry for the lateness! my contribution to my little sisters Halloween costume took more time than expected. anyway its the end of the chapter!... uh whats the point of splitting it up into chapters anyway? just seems like the thing to do i guess. this one was getting a bit long (compared to the first anyway) so now seems like a good time to start a new one. next week (hopefully on the right day), some sort of a new chapter image and first page of a little flashback interlude.
@captiancartoonqueen: lol they really do
@DeathDragon: ah!! yes! everything is fine! thank you for asking! sorry, i didn't see this.(i guess smackjeeves emails now get sent to junk??) sorry for disappearing. I'm working on a post right now
oh i forgot i decided i hate hand lettering but also i hate how most fonts clash with my drawings so i went back(?)to the font i made...its...alright i guess? ehhh i just hope its more legible.
all up now its sleepy time :3
ahhh sorry for not posting for a while! i uh started running and needed to get used to it (or learned to remember to stretch,ow pain) before i got enough energy to draw back, im a weakling now but i will be strong! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ
...also it takes me WAY to long to make a page... if i want to continue i need to figure out how to draw faster. so i mean the art has not been very consistent anyway but it'll probably be even less so for a lil bit while i figure it out... ^_^; haha anyway have a good day! : )