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Arceus The Pokemon GOD
The Pokemon GOD. What else do you need?
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also, the Z-crystal your using is illegal. you may be arrested for using it. (to Speed)
fine, but... *puts force feild around you 2* it's a good thing you both have heal factors...
@Green The Shiny Jolteon @pixlyJolt: OK, stop it you 2. Wait a minute... HEY! IT'S ILLEGAL TO USE THAT STONE IN A BATTLE, @pixyJolt! *takes that Z-crystal away from @pixyJolt* Thank me for saving you from a life sentence in jail later.
@Flaming_Eclipse: nope, just me! *makes a troll face* LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! *leaves* ( )
@Ghost of DarkEmerald: oh, so thats where that went. And ... you now can teleport! BTW, you coming back may revive you 15000 feet above where you die, but that's rare. have fun reliving! *you accidentally revived 15000 ft. above where you died*
*after you faded* *you only see me in front of you, and nothing else* You died too early, and in Tyler The Shiny Jolteons mind, he's thinking 'WTF JUST HAPPENED' (i think) so, here's over 9000 heal factors, and no is not an answer here. And if you don't argue, I will give you the ability to teleport where ever you want!
@TheOneHitJolteon: nice job, IDIOT! YOU BLEW UP THE WORLD. HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT KILLING EVERYTHING EXCEPT FOR ME AND YOU!? *looks to my left* Well, make that KILLING EVERYONE EXCEPT FOR ME, YOU, AND Tyler The Shiny Eevee! (Tyler The Shiny Eevee survived because he had like 50 something healing factors that prevented death. -_- )
@SolarFlare: Thank you! have a good day/night! (night for me, 4:47 A.M. )
*hears Mew and Mewtwo fighting* OK GOTTA GO BRB! 😅
@Tyler The Shiny Eevee: @Ima Fishtick: I got you 2 covered! *surrounds both in air bubble*
@Ima Fishtick: noooooo not yet! You were entertaining me! 😣
@Ima Fishtick: (AND HE REALLY IS LEVEL 190! O_O )
@The Nyan Cat: Hi Creator! 😃 (I am fine to call you that here, right?)
@AidenTheJolteon: *uses Hyper Beam* THAT'S YOUR WARNING!
@Arceus: *one hit KOs you* HMM! DON'T PRETEND TO BE ME EVER AGAIN!
@The One Punch Pikachu: Uhhhhh, WHAT!? Ummmmmm, wanna be by apprentice? The highest ranking a non-God pokemon Can get?
@SolarFlare: You may not have noticed, but If I didn't care, your would have been attacked by at least 12 wild pokemon. -_- DON'T ARGUE WITH ME OR ELSE!