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Hello! I like to draw and write.Currently, I'm working on a few stories and hopefully I'll be able to finish drawing comics for all of them one day.
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One year ago today, I posted the first page of Purple Pond(well second page if you count the chapter illustration but first actual comic page). It's come so far in one year! There are three other illustrations that will be posted as their own little separate pages. Each of the magical girls got their own special illustration.
oh no
I wonder where that tunnel will take them.
@The_Boss: It's not like she'll be able to stop him😂
@The_Boss: It's definitely a bit more lively than a regular bottle of water 😉
I didn't think the food would get transported with them but they're so lucky it did.
oh wow
That's too relatable ;0;
I feel her pain.
a true rebel
November 26th, 2018
That's an interesting choice. I can't help but wonder how that might backfire on her, though