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@Siks: I love your avatar
@SSEC rules!: Thank you
I am not watching MLP (I am a bronyta)
:3 (its a good show watch it sometime)
And that's why I like dusk he is understanding and loving. (I read the dusk comics alot)
OK i love it and what time did u post this pinkeevee222?
@Narrow: ok then -lights torch-
OMA so good I just read all of the comics to here and it made me tear up.
Hey I love the comics pink eevvee 222. Question does ford have a dream visitor ?(look up wings of free for that info)I know that he said he was a dremwalker but I am jokein about the dream visitor.
What I missed it by 3 hours but I don't care this comic is good but I missed it because of my fist day back to school keep up the great comics pink eevvee 222
Your right dusk SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@Nintenduck:hey man we all are not perfect. God made us with different flaws so that we can reflect on who we are as a whole.
@Nintenduck: so like the jiggleypuff from Kanto that drew on people s face if they fell asleep when it was singing, also nintendck life always finds a way
The pen had enough so he started a pen revolution so that he fellow pen brothers don't have to suffer from us chewing on them no more and they will take over the world and chew on us to see how we like it and keep up the great comics pink eevvee 222
@Kairito_the_Umbreon: so right
Hello I like this comic serise asmuch as ssec it is good
Oh it's going down for real who will win Jed or Shane. And I love your comics pink eevve 222
@Rainbow eevee: thanks you have a great night sorry for replying late I was busy
Hello pinkeevee 222(I konw that u won't see this comment) I found your music video battle scars which I love but I just want to say I love the ssec because it makes my day and dusk is like me because we are annyoing and he is mysterioust because of night and I like blizz me and him get angry to easily. I forget to mention that battle scars pulled out of a state of depersion and sudiceled thoughts because of bulleys but It taght me that everyone has battle scars in there own way (sorry if this comment is to long)