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Tyler The Shiny Jolteon
Hello. I am just a random shiny Jolteon who almost nobody seems to want around them. I also have the powers of Sans's (and Gaster's) Gaster Blasters, and Frisk and Chara's DETERMINATION powers. ^w^
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also read at the bottom of chat
@pixlyJolt: he had a lower than average hp. and my attack is only 50.
@pixlyJolt: who says i am? I'm not. my hp is still 1. and my defence is still 1.
@Spectrum the mimikyu: ok. *1 shots 1 using a gaster blaster* you were sayin?
@AirRaid: nope. that's not proper magic.
@Spectrum the mimikyu: magic can tho.
@Spectrum the mimikyu: i know that
@Spectrum the mimikyu: he can't, but i can.
@Lunar_eclipse: healing damage dealt from magic with healing magic
@Spectrum the mimikyu: i don't get it
@Spectrum the mimikyu: with what?
@Spectrum the mimikyu: ... is that supposed to scare me?
@Lunar_eclipse: *doesnt work* sorry, but that doesnt heal damage dealt from magic.
@Spectrum the mimikyu: bye *mumbles quietly enough that you scant hear it but everyone else can* (idiot)