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February 21st, 2019
Can we get a round of applause for DarkFlameOSecrets
Okie take all the time you need I can wait
@WiispNightmare: but... pineapple jam
@WiispNightmare: don’t apologise I do too
@WiispNightmare: and now we finally can agree on something
@WiispNightmare: you could always play monopoly everyone always has the strength to flip a table after that
@WiispNightmare: *insert my previous comment here* and neither are the consequences of consequences
@WiispNightmare: a consequence isn’t always a bad thing
@WiispNightmare: it’s more a double edged sword one way it’s a bad way to look at life- you’ll never do anything worthwhile the other side it’s good- it doesn’t matter if you mess up
@WiispNightmare: you do know that nothing anyone does can possibly matter in the grand scheme of things... right