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I!i LYS-glitch jolty i!i
I like playing games or watch youtube,i dont usually do stuff,eeveelution squad and stupid eevee comic series is the only comics i read,just a big fan of PKM-150
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    Lai Yong Sien
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Plot and comedy matter what you do,i just wanna see sora again,love your comics,keep it going,you should really put pinkeevee in a chapter,i found the character super cute
mikus soulmate
welp,dusk is in big trouble
why dint glay just punched the door and...
whats that egg with vay
Why does the stupidness sometimes not here?i need it right now,the story is going to get darker hete
So creative
So creative
Battle scar vid to SSEC
This is how i started reading stupid short eevee comics,this made me cry reading the comic,everything is clear from the video that i dont really understood the time,but now im aficialy(bad englush)a SSEC fan!!!
Sorry for the interuption,go on
You know what?how am actually enjoying this right now?alright,now i understand whats going on here,im leaving it to you guys,i cant type stuff properly now couse,keyboard is flippin out
@Carl The Pikachu:can we just stop the nonsence please,this is not a crazy war gym,if you really wanna fight with the others,can you fight somewhere else?
I forgot,after tapping the non.icon thingy,tap the my account then you will access the account info,and do your stuff
Quest:maybe after creating a account,tap the right up corner with no icon,slide down and there might be a avatar thingy,below there just select a pic then icon appear
Hello,its me again,lets not comment something crazy like...
Its gonna give pkm stress
This is gonna have 1000 comments,guys give it a rest,these comments are becoming a mysterious story
read this comic 46 times total,in case of another copyright strike,i am now downloading the whole eeveelution squad comic if i can,it doesnt work