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Is there a reason why all the pictures off the page?
Am I the only person who Understands this?
From what I know, People in comas see weird thing. It still gets a 3 though.
Thanks for the Replys
Personally, I have no clue how the mirror was done. I just post the episode. Ask mcarlson or mattpatt. They did most of the episodes.
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The ghost is evil to the guards and Cleopatra. That doesn't mean he's an evil ghost. No comment towards the Fritz comment though. Don't know what to think about that.
Response to jrider
We ran out of room. We would have had to smaller text if we moved it up to his head and we would have probably moved it into another speech bubble. Thanks for noticing.
Is it supposed to be this way or did you mean to use the word "yeah"?
Skeleton Guy
I think this is probably the first time I've ever seen one character have so many different heads. Let's sing along, "WE ALL LIVE IN THE YELLOW SUBMARINE, YELLOW SUBMARINE." Just had to do that.
I think some people take that word offensive. It's good but next time use the word, "little person".
Pirate falling overboard?
It looks like he's going into the water feet first. When someone goes overboard, they usually fall into the water. The pirate is just climbing into it. Was this intentional?
The cop?
How is he filming if he's not even there? Just something noticed. Everything else is good though.
Why or how did he die? Why did he come back? This is ep. really confusing.
Lost crown?
The ep. is great, but I think it might have been better if you started off with an ep. of him actually having the crown disappear.
I was laughing uncontrollably! Maybe you should have had him eating or whatever you do with toothpaste.
2 Part 1's
Both of your titles are labled " Characters Part 1" Is it supposed to be this way? It is just something I noticed.

Edit: Ok. I see that you fixed it.
Does it have a name or is just a unicorn? Great job on everything else.
Great Characters
Good your Chewbacas are! Couldn't help myself. I just watched Star Wars.
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