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People, please don't pressure PKM!
He has school to focus upon, he has his own responsibilities irl to take care of and constantly asking or even demanding for new pages is not only extremely stressing for him, but also insanely rude and selfish. Let him handle what he needs to handle and he will return to making more pages in due time.
@Norwegian Faggot: Your name though isn't really appropriate for his audience.
@Darkside the Umbreon: I am Loyka. Me and PKM see each other as brothers.
Disabling Guest comments.
Because of the most recent constant spamming, insulting between members, stressing PKM-150 and disregarding the pleas of the authors of the comic, the guest comments will now be turned off.
@Umbreon5456: Please do not advertise about anything in the comment sections of the pages.
@Sylvia the sylveon: The honor goes to PKM-150.
@eeveelution geek: Don't spam.
@jenna the shiny glaceon: We don't take suggestions like that.
@pixlyJolt: Last warning. No spam!
@eeveelution geek: Don't caps lock every word.
@Tyler The Shiny Jolteon: Even if it is an example for something, do not spam.
@jenna the shiny glaceon: I will only say this once. No rping in the comment section of any pages.
@pixlyJolt: In this case, it makes sense for him to post the link.
@Flaming_Eclipse: If you want to share your fanfiction(s), send them via private messages please.
Alright, people, please do not use this comment section as a social network chat. It is getting extremely annoying, constant notifications, unnecessary puns and greetings are not what should be posted. If you want to chat with each other, either join PKM's discord server or create your own chatroom. The amount of deleted comments have already way overtook the amount of posted comments lately.
@Sudux: We just can't reply at all with the sheer amount of nonsense that is also posted. The puns are extremely unnecessary and spammy and some are just plain rude. The amount of deleted comments have already exceeded the amount posted per day.
@Eevee Theorist: What are you saying?