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Gamer, Speedrunner, Mew-Eeveelution Fanatic, Hobbyist Comic/Story Writer
@TeranganPkmtrainer: If it's about the comic, sure.
@Wolf_assault: Don't make assumptions like that.
@Wolf_assault: Why would you even want to do that?
@Shiny_Shino: That's not the point here. Go to Chapter 5 - Page 21 and you'll see why the rules are in place.
@Shiny_Shino: Never said that. But sometimes, the comment sections are just way too large.
@8-BitGlaVee: That is not for me to decide, that is for you people to decide.
Friendly reminder of what not to do.
A new chapter is dawning and we are all excited, but please avoid posting/doing some things, because they are stressful for us to deal with.

- Avoid saying "First" or "Second" and counting. They are simply unnecessary and stressful for PKM.

- If you start a discussion, please create a chatroom for it instead of posting the comment section full of it, we get endless notifications about every comment, and no, disabling notifications is not the solution here, because we want to be able to see and respond to comments efficiently.

- Please avoid all caps, it is just not nice to see.

- Please don't post links that are not affiliated with PKM's comic.

- Please don't start arguments about things in any matter, or at least deal with them in personal chats and not in the comment sections of the pages.

If things get too severe, bans are once again necessary. Please avoid that from happening and show PKM a loyal and supportive community.
@Allbergerman: We really appreciate you putting this much effort into figuring out the various different elements and the story of the comic, but the amount of comments pouring in every day are simply too much to handle for either of us. And the reason we have email notifications enabled is to see how many comments were posted in the first place and to respond to comments in a quick manner when possible.
@PokeMash: PKM deserves all the credit mate.
The theories are okay, but you are filling the comment section insanely!
Even if you are too lazy to use SmackJeeves messaging, it cannot continue this way, go into private chats to continue your theories and don't fill the comment sections with them!
People, please don't pressure PKM!
He has school to focus upon, he has his own responsibilities irl to take care of and constantly asking or even demanding for new pages is not only extremely stressing for him, but also insanely rude and selfish. Let him handle what he needs to handle and he will return to making more pages in due time.
@Norwegian Faggot: Your name though isn't really appropriate for his audience.
@Darkside the Umbreon: I am Loyka. Me and PKM see each other as brothers.
Disabling Guest comments.
Because of the most recent constant spamming, insulting between members, stressing PKM-150 and disregarding the pleas of the authors of the comic, the guest comments will now be turned off.
@Umbreon5456: Please do not advertise about anything in the comment sections of the pages.
@Sylvia the sylveon: The honor goes to PKM-150.
@eeveelution geek: Don't spam.
@jenna the shiny glaceon: We don't take suggestions like that.