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Keep up the great work @PKM-150, this is an amazing story and I want it to last at least a little while longer, but you can stop whenever you want to.
There should be an arachnid type because spiders are arachnids, not bugs
Anybody want some logic, I have so logic here, it's good for your health, hey guys, you left your logic here after getting it!!! Whelp, they're gone.
@StarlightNexus-Chan: the "hazzah" thing reminds me of a youtuber who in his play through of paper mario the thousand year door said when he read a text that said hazzah, he said something about deceased crap, I'm not calling you that, it just reminds me of that when I hear hazzah.
Am I seriously the only one who acknowledges that since they're a virus they (they as in fluffy) don't actually have a definite gender?
I'm just imagining this so, here goes nothing: Eve: This is your other mother. Mewtwo: Naniiii!?!?!?! (I so hope I spelled that right)
@pixlyJolt: heyo woke up at six something my time
I tried to get tyler back, I don't think he's coming back
@pixlyJolt: switch friend code/looking at his profile for his comments
You guys wanna know something, even if you don't, I'll still tell you, Tyler has not been on smack jeeves since October 28th, 2018, mainly because he's been addicted to fortnite, and now, pokemon let's go eevee, so yeah, not good.
Am I aloud to make a page, if so, how?