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To arceus: are you happy that your grandaughter (Arcadia) is all grown up now?
Something's not right in the second to last panel, I think it's the leafeon called solar
@pkmnMasterWheeler: I have a question, for you that is, do you ever plan on doing a sequel to this series? (by the way, I like the profile pic, if that's what the picture on your comments are called)
Sunshine is so cute with that bow. Also fourth wall break (is it weird that I was expecting it).
@Firestar1224: apparently it only updates 3 times in 1 month
@pkmnMasterWheeler: so you watch chuggaaconroy just like me. Jolly good, my good sir (I am very much hopeing I didn't just insult a crap ton of people by saying that (like that)).
Is anybody here? Did someone "cast a void" ;p (sorry not sorry 😊)
The Shipening 2: I'm scared of heights as well so I'm going to have nightmares again (yes I know, long title)
Keep up the great work @PKM-150, this is an amazing story and I want it to last at least a little while longer, but you can stop whenever you want to.
There should be an arachnid type because spiders are arachnids, not bugs
Anybody want some logic, I have so logic here, it's good for your health, hey guys, you left your logic here after getting it!!! Whelp, they're gone.
@StarlightNexus-Chan: the "hazzah" thing reminds me of a youtuber who in his play through of paper mario the thousand year door said when he read a text that said hazzah, he said something about deceased crap, I'm not calling you that, it just reminds me of that when I hear hazzah.
Am I seriously the only one who acknowledges that since they're a virus they (they as in fluffy) don't actually have a definite gender?
I'm just imagining this so, here goes nothing: Eve: This is your other mother. Mewtwo: Naniiii!?!?!?! (I so hope I spelled that right)