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:) I like you.

Give me a hug!
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uh. what just happened.
never stop making this comic.

i'm ... i'm deadly serious.

if you do, i'll fucking spit on your dog.

and you know what he'll do?


and that's the most heart wrenching thing a dog can do.

and it'll be all your fault, 'cause you'll have to watch it.
work on arm length.

i know it's pretty difficult to do, considering you're working in flash.
stop...making comics.
A comment for a comment.

I've been skimming through the archives, and it looks REALLY good so far. You're an excellent artist. Continue!

These comics are perfect.
That's a brilliant guitar.
Sorry I didn't comment sooner, I'm straight.
What about a singer?!

and I know how you feel, lmao.
No! He's supposed to be Chad Kroeger. :(

"I'll even cut my hair and change my name, because we all just wanna be big rock stars..."etc

Very nice! VERY nice!
I read through a couple of the comic pages. It looks pretty nice. :D

The reason why I clicked on this was looking at the news post, saw your sig, and thought "Finally, another comic about a band"

:3 i have one too. Check it out?

I love how clean and simple these pages are, and the dreamy expression in the last panel.
You're forgetting The Proclaimers!

Sunshine on Leith, FTW. ;P
Out of focus and an over used joke. I like the idea of the comic, all though you should have more objects to make an environment. Green grass and a purple wall?

I can imagine that the wall is the 'corner store' , so that's not all bad. I'm just saying, you can't do a lot with Legos, and because of their size, I can under stand why it's unfocused. You might want an actual 35mm camera that you can focus if you wanted to pull off a comic like this.

I'm glad to see you're back, however. :)
The expressions are awesome. XD

I really like this comic.
SuperBiased: Yes it is. :)

Thank you ALL for the great comments!
The soft tones, the smooth art, everything is beautiful, and the last panel is very cute.

:) I'll read the archive some time.