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Hello! I'm Thistlefox. Art and storytelling have been my favorite hobbies for years. I think it's time to put those things together! I'm new to comic making, and you'll probably see my art (hopefully) improve as I go.
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September 15th, 2019
Hello! Sorry the next pages havent been up yet, I'm trying to make them perfect since it's the end of the prologue ;o; but have this extra in the meantime- the new header of the website gives you another little glimpse of a couple characters you havent quite met yet, but will soon ;)

Hopefully you arent too disappointed that it's not the next pages yet! But stay tuned !
the prologue is almost finished! Just 2 more pages to go and we're gonna be thrown into the good stuff :)
@books-and-earbuds: Very perceptive of you ;)
Ah! Thank you! I'm glad I managed to pull this page off then, I can't wait to show you more !
When your sleep paralysis demon drops in to say hi
Pffthaha I laughed harder than I should 😂
@znuff: Lol. Dead fawn is in some ways an artsy metaphor, considering he is the other half of Fawn. His emotions and feelings will be connected to... not-dead Fawn's because of this. He's essentially a separate character and a plot device pfff
Page #41
@flyingdreamer14: ahhh thank you!!! We havent been able to talk in a while I hope you're well friend !
@Fastgirl01: Haha sing louder maybe itll work 😂 thanks so much! I'm glad you like it so far !
@WingFreak: Haha seriously!!! U arent supposed to play with dead things pfft
And thank you!!!! It took some very unsavory research and imagination to get it to look just right 😭
@YolkenEgg: Haha thank you!!!!
@NoirSoleil: why thank you !!
@books-and-earbuds: I wouldn't blame Timber for his own reappearance quite yet ;)
THANK YOU!!! I'm super excited !
HAHA! I did get super detailed on that one 😂 thank you!
Wherever I go, horror follows. Lol!
I have returned !
I'm so sorry for the hiatus the comic recently had.

I was offered an apprentiship with a tattoo artist I've always admired, so I've been spending a lot of time at the shop. I haven't forgotten about my passion project, though!
@navi: It's not necessarily on hiatus, but updates will be sporadic for a while. I just got an apprentiship with an awesome tattoo artist. So I work full time, and then I go to the shop after work. Not a lot of time :/ but I have been working on updating again soon. Sorry !!
@YolkenEgg: how dare he 😭😭