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Hello! I'm Thistlefox. Art and storytelling have been my favorite hobbies for years. I think it's time to put those things together! I'm new to comic making, and you'll probably see my art (hopefully) improve as I go.
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THANK YOU!!! I'm super excited !
HAHA! I did get super detailed on that one 😂 thank you!
Wherever I go, horror follows. Lol!
I have returned !
I'm so sorry for the hiatus the comic recently had.

I was offered an apprentiship with a tattoo artist I've always admired, so I've been spending a lot of time at the shop. I haven't forgotten about my passion project, though!
@navi: It's not necessarily on hiatus, but updates will be sporadic for a while. I just got an apprentiship with an awesome tattoo artist. So I work full time, and then I go to the shop after work. Not a lot of time :/ but I have been working on updating again soon. Sorry !!
@YolkenEgg: how dare he 😭😭
@WingFreak: he did !! ;O;
@books-and-earbuds: he's probably not no 😭😭😭
@flyingdreamer14: Haha that's not too far from the truth 😂
@randnum: Thank you!!! I hope you enjoy what's to come !
@randnum: Haha no no. That's the photo of Fawn's ex boyfriend had taped to his dash before their accident (page 'prologue #19). And the blood under his bed is from the thing tapping around under his bed. Not a previous patient.
My son, his fear is real.
@Fastgirl01: Ahhhh thank you!!!! I'm so happy you like it so far !
Thank you so much !!
Thank you so much!!
Haha You may be right ;P
Hell yes !!! Were finally getting into it !
Haha seriously, poor guy 😂
Happy Easter!