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...If I was in Tony's place, I'd totally ask if I get to sit in Zee's lap again. XD
Fffff. I'm kinda assuming Clover left because the hospital peeps wouldn't be ALL THAT HAPPY to see the guy who was punching patients loitering around Monday's room. <3 So get over yourself, Monday. There're good reasons for such things.
...Parappa? What? xDDD

Jing, you are now my second favorite character. XD After Skye.
OH GOD YOU LIVE, NOZMO!!! /dances like a loon

Pssssssssh. What good are ethics, right Ruby? XD
I think you have one too many "it's" in that bubble. You don't really need the one before "late". Unless you did it just to show how nervous Jack is right now. XD
But... he does make a lovely, sort of mature looking woman. 8D [shot]
You're uh, kinda missing the "n" in "insane" there. :P Just thought I'd mention it.

Also, I expected more ass kickery on Clover's part, but this was nicely done. :)
Well, he never really gave any of us a reason to think otherwise, da?
Yah, that's right, run away you cowards! :< Epic ending, yo.
OH GOD. THAT "HEY! LISTEN!!" THING. IT REMINDS ME OF A CERTAIN FAIRY NAMED NAVI FROM A CERTAIN N64 VIDEOGAME... And now from here on out, that character will forever sound high-pitched and extremely annoying...
Oh Jack. I love it when you talk like that. >8D

Hm... I think... Jack looks like an evil mime right about now, actually. Even though he's talking. O.o
Is it just me, or is M easily impressed? XD
Very handy. Thank you for posting this. I was getting lost in all the other plots. ^^'
Ah, but Loki wasn't paying attention. xD He gets so distracted so easily...
You honor me with your words. :)
Err... I took down the other one and put up the cleaner page now. xD

Hi Marius~~!
Sorry this took so long... But I wanted this and the next page to look as good as I could make them.

Except I got sloppy with the screentone on the next page. Hehe.
Have I told you lately that I love you? XD I love Sidney's eyes in the last panel, though I'd totally punch him out if he looked like that at me. ^^;