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Haitus notice.
To the readers of ParaMuse, thank you for this half year run. I'm deeply grateful to all of you.

I actually probably don't have any access to the internet or the capacity to continue this until next August.

Anyway, here is a sort of preview for what's to ocme. New character cast and all.


Some between-chapter art
One wing and disappearing body and limbs. It's like I'm 13 again.
At this point, you have a main character, her foil and side-kick and obvious best friend role, and the professor.
The doors of Kratos Court
Have colored text conveniently placed to aid in communication.

Second panel is more of that walking through walls stuff.
I realized too late.
But I assure you, the center text box is an accidental censor.

It makes the page that much funnier.
Stick figures
20 year old stick figures.
What's this?
Oh right, an information dump.
Dinging Elevators
are the worst.
It works.
She's short

Or rather, Cecilia is pretty tall.

Or rather, inconsistent art.
At least for filler
It's fun.

Disdain, anticipation, rampaging hawk, slithering snake, and confession are pretty OOC for her.

'Sparkle' can totally be canon.
Happy October
Open transparent doors.
See purple haired girl.
What do?
First day of school.
Exciting, exciting.

Who's back in school already?

What grade are you in?
I don't know....
I either stole the idea from British school systems in general or at the very least Harry Potter.
She can't tie her tie
Well... she's only 13 after all.
There is order to everything in this.
The 'Hell eyes' have a purpose to them.

The happy face welcome mat is due to the personal touch of one of the staff members.
If anyone wants to work together and create a starting plot line, feel free to PM me. I have nothing planned for Aka yet, and another "wakes up and asks 'where am I'" would be a bit stale, so if you might have something in mind with her.
A cast picture with everyone up to Juro

That's ten characters!

Excuse any of my mistakes with your characters. especially with their respective heights, but here, from left to right:

June, Aka, Lia, Juro, Snowy, Night,
Xi (front), Zac (back), Umi, and Oliver
Character portraits of the first four characters in my drawing style, with an alternate costume for Aka.