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No update showing T.T Oh well... I wish you safety and see you soon! *huggles*
You'll be alright ~
Good luck! And have fun with it <3 After all, research papers are a mixture of facts/references, BS, and how much you can talk, right? XD lol

*huggles* :3 ~

(( And yeah, my definition of a research paper is on my own experiences XD lol I guess the fact I talk a lot comes in handy sometimes Oo;; lol

And I guess I'm the odd ball that prefers books over internet sources <.< lol))

XD lol Not too bad <3 I like it <3
February 12th, 2009
I love this! And I still love how he corrects the guy on his counts XD lmao That is awesome <3
Looks like a lion to me. I read your comment and TRIED looking at it as if it were a bear and let me tell you, it ain't happenin XD lmao It looks like a large cat one way or another and I just can't see it as anything else, unless I use a whole hell of a lot of imagination. Like, the lot of imagination that created wonderland, that's how much I'd need XD lol
Love the Sailor Moon reference XD lmao
I'm kinda with kitten on this one, this page wont show up T.T You wouldn't happen to know why, would you? :3