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I like Pokémon and Eeveelution Squad, my hobbies are watching Pokémon, playing Pokémon, and reading Eeveelution Squad, my occupations are school.
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I on iPad and accidentally tapped on someone
Hoi I’m Temmie and welcome to my Tem Shop
I think speedy is helping pkm-150 on making the comics
Yeah it’s a yellow mudkip
The fire stone might be used on sunshine
I just got done at adventure land
I am on special chapter 1 right now
But did anyone else see the fire stone next to espion in chapter 4 page 3
I don’t really care if you rode two sixteen hour days in a car
Chapter 4 page 3 there is a fire stone next to espion
I’m already on chapter 4
I am on a 2 hour drive to adventure land so I am gonna read this comic over again until I get there
I took a quiz on what Pokémon I am and I am pikachu and I took a quiz on what eeveelution I am and I am a jolteon
The fastest Pokémon is speed form deoxys
Jolteons speed is matched with Aerodactyl, Mewtwo, and Crobat
In a game called Pokémon Showdown a level 100 jolteon has a speed of 165 speed but only 65 health and also there special attack is also very high
Did you know jolteons are the fastest eeveelution