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I like Total Drama, Singing, Glee, Food, and sometimes School lol....sometimes...
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I agree, stranger.
@Slicer37: I agree so much. He just grinded my gears. Screw that loser, he deserved 17th even though he can't actually get that.
Character Ratings/Rankings
Ok since I'm too lazy for explaining why I don't like certain charactes imma just rate them, rank em, and put them in their sections.

*Really Dislike*
20th Tony: 0/10
*Leave pls kthxbye*
19th Joy: 0/10
18th Ad: 1/10
17th Charity: 1/10
16th Nezumi: 2/10
15th Lester: 2/10
14th Josh: 3/10
13th Kade: 3/10
12th QuickScope: 4/10
11th Derek: 4.5/10
10th Naomi: 4.5/10
*I like them*
9th Parmesan: 5/10
8th Jeanine: 6/10
*I really these characters*
7th Ollie: 7/10
6th Allison: 7.5
5th Jenny: 8/10
4th Raiza: 8.5/10
3rd Slash: 9/10
*The main reason I read this :D*
2nd Mele: 9.5/10
1st Jahira: 10/10

Here's my ranking of all 20 castaways from this season. If I spelt some names wrong pls correct me. No hate kthx.

How I would've prefered the season to go.
SFC 17 My Way
20th Ad
19th Joy
18th Nezumi
17th Naomi
16th Charity
15th Tony
14th QuickScope
13th Lester
12th Derek
*Jury Starts*
11th Raiza-Josh
10th Kade-Jahira
9th Slash-Jenny
8th Parmesan-Jenny
7th Jeannie-Jahira
6th Allison-Jahira
5th Ollie-Jenny
4th Mele-Jenny
3rd Josh
2nd Jahira
1st Jenny
(1-3-4 vote)
:3333333333 cmon Jenny!
I haven't read much of the season due to my laziness, but for what I did see I was entertained. Although I'm salty Mele wasn't in the final 3 I can't help but say...I actually kinda like this final 3. And, of course the vote is pretty much between Ollie and Jenny, but I do think that Jenny might take the win as I think Mele is going to vote Jenny maybe I'm not certain...what I am certain though is that this season was pretty lit and whoever wins(Ollie or Jenny most likely) I'll be fine with. Looking forward to future seasons.
@pgcool: Is it okay if I use the Total Drama Character Sprite things for my comic? Answer asap kthxbye :)